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  1. ...and so there must be a Titan XP floating around the country someplace too, I guess it gets here when it gets here !
  2. cjloki

    GPU Usage 60-80% Help!

    I have heard repeatedly, from several sources "RTX 2080 is in it's infancy and as yet has not lived up to it's potential" ...thus, intuitively speaking, the current drivers are in their infancy too, and could very well be the root of the problem... or so it seems.... I can't help but think that as my friends have said, a clean install of the latest drivers certainly can't hurt. This is going to get sorted out in time... ...that and a newer, more potent PSU, to be on the safe side !
  3. cjloki

    GPU Usage 60-80% Help!

    So zela123, hey howzit goin... i don't have a definitive answer for your query about your gpu power usage, but I can't help but notice that the card you have is a beast, and very capable of top max frame rates, right up there with the MSI RTX 2080ti ... I also noticed that the PSU listed for your gamer is slightly less than the test gamer rigs I saw in various gamer blog vids, and comparisons from the gamer community. Now I'm no expert, and I'm not saying that PSU is causing the high power draw while in game, but the rigs from the videos i watched were running 1000-1500 watt gold and platinum PSU's which definitely could provide the card with plenty of power to run at OC and max settings in game.... It just might be that that high end GPU you have there is designed to run at that draw under those high performance conditions, and not the PSU's fault at all, but this is where I start to get lost, and hope some of my colleagues here at OCC will know how best to direct you... best wishes and good luck with your monster beast MSI card !! cjloki https://www.google.com/search?q=msi+rtx+2080+duke+oc+review&oq=RTX+2080+MSI+Duke+OC&aqs=chrome.1.69i59j0l5.5073j0j8&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  4. i got this email earlier today... very interesting !
  5. hrrm, well i guess I'll just have to see where it takes me. And if i need to buy more then i will cross that bridge when i get there... but yeah buying more levels seems to be the way of the world these days...
  6. cjloki

    Time for new Gpu

    my 2cent worth... go 2080 ! ...i would if i could...
  7. Nice !! glad i bought it , and now i can't wait.. this is gonna be great !!
  8. This, I just had to do it...
  9. i just had to,... bought myself the gold edition yesterday
  10. shit no ! rams got lucky but they not that lucky !!
  11. cjloki

    Audio gear in Canada: Where to buy?

    ...uh, we blame Canada Fez... this entire mess is their fault ... and sorry for your loss
  12. ok well when i get it, sure thing !
  13. hey now, I was just wondering if any of the reviews have been for the Razer Blackwidow Elite ? i have one and it's nice CAF ! ... matches my Razer Naga Chroma and Firefly, but even better !! hmm my pics are not attaching ...weird
  14. and it's nice to be able to set up macros for use at the touch of a button right !
  15. i wonder if somebody would do a review ? ...any volunteers ??
  16. cjloki

    Slicks i7 build

    now that is a fine looking piece of equipment sir ! Job well done
  17. cjloki

    New to OCC, not new to overclocking.

    Welcome to OCC Fez !
  18. cjloki

    Case [Rant]

    this is what i have under the table now, it's my bloodbath case replacement, but i haven't changed the signature on OCC yet,...so but it has a few 5.25 bays and huge amounts of room inside, and by the way i think this is the quietest case i have ever pawned ... check this out wevs ok I changed the sig
  19. cjloki

    Clean the water loop

    You had AF clog up...... Wow cjloki, tell me more man. Any idea what happened? I know I ran into an isse when i switch from pt nuke to AF but that was determined to be existing crud that I didn't get cleaned out properly. Turned out the blocks were cleaned out but the CPU block received and clogged itself with all the just that was left over. Talk to me goose!!! I must know. yah i went on the road for a couple of months and it sat and sat and sat some more, and then some more, and then i came home and ran it without checking it... like algae and micro-bio crap was growing in it... eventually my temps started to go up and i had to disassemble it all and flush it... i pretty much gave up on my h2o loop and went with the corsair systems... i sold the 3x120 rad to somebody on here for not much $$ and i got a message that they had a hell of a time getting it cleaned out, but eventually it went on to live again ... so there ya go boinkie ! btw that was zerex 50/50 mixed with distilled water my reservoir was a one gallon aquarium converted for the purpose
  20. cjloki

    Merry Christmas from OCC!

    Merry Christmas and happy new year from the big baller cj low-key thanx for everything and i hope you are getting better up there Bosco !!
  21. I'm still trippin' i have been blessed to the max ! Thanx OCC !
  22. cjloki

    Clean the water loop

    i have been guilty of not cleaning my loop and it doesn't turn out well i assure you,... my friends were using a silver solution at the time and had few if any issues (don't ask me google it) but i had zerex antifreeze automotive in mine and it only lasted about 3-4 months, so there ya go... these guys on here are great sources of info for the asking ! http://www.tomshardware.com/answers/id-2553217/water-cooling-silver-kill-coils.html
  23. Oh Holy Crap !!! I just read the contest results and I can't believe it !! Thank you OCC so much !! This is the most amazing Christmas ever !! I have been blessed beyond my wildest dreams !! So very grateful ! Thank You Thank You !!
  24. cjloki

    Ya'll Won't Believe It

    yes, gigadouche has not been a friend of mine since I rma'd the p55ud5 listed in the sig for my x-wifes daily,... Asus became my go to when the replacement gigabyte came back with the same hiccup as the original....never again