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  1. ok but still over 5ghz... That's badass !! he closin' in on 5.5 !!
  2. the whole mess is getting kinda hectic imo... what with Intel quietly talking away/down their flaws, and AMD drastically changing the game, and now Intel backing down their prices... and i know that several of you have already gotten way far away from Intel for security reasons, and AMD's higher level of performance of late... I too am seriously considering retiring this machine in favor of an AMD platform... It may take me a little while to get it together, but the security issues are my main motivation... you know unless Intel gets their shit together this is on the table...
  3. when thinking about artificial intelligence and sentient electronica, this just makes total sense, if only in terms of cognitive appraisal... an AI like a human needs the ability to store learning and experience, while at the same time cope with new stressors and modify accordingly. switching from non-volatile to volatile is what we humans do...
  4. did it get left behind ? where did it go ??
  5. oh ok ! Niiice !! roight ! thank you for that gentlemen and ladies, and I will now be off to refresh my memory on the correct attitudes and behavior for this club and it's membership... good day to you all
  6. lols ...yeah like you have to post so many times before you can buy or sell... no flaming, no porno, ...erm ..etcetera and so on... and FAQ like why does bosco always fly under the radar ?? you know ...looking things up online before starting a new topic,... or why you don't start a new topic here after you just started the same one on tom's hardware... yeah ok, so where did all that stuff go >>
  7. ...and I think there was an FAQ page in here someplace too... hrmm
  8. cjloki

    LG UltraGear

    oh but imagine the joy of letting the giant 38" super screen take the space of these two 27" LG's and no bezels... my eyeballs will be soo free !
  9. cjloki

    LG UltraGear

    looks super but hrmm... no prospective price yet ? I'd like to have some idea but it's prolly alot
  10. OK this: https://wccftech.com/huawei-hongmeng-os-for-smartphones/
  11. cjloki

    Huawei New Smartphone OS ?

    Yes, right, I remember this, and data theft and hacking was rampant...so this is why I personally would not ever have a phone with a chinese OS, but there are those folks who see an opportunity to make a fortune coding apps and software for an upstart platform... from the little I've read on the subject of the Chinese are leading the world in theft and hacking anyway https://www.theverge.com/2018/12/20/18150275/chinese-hackers-stealing-data-nasa-ibm-charged so why put even more personal info into their hands ? but that's just me... It seems to be the way of the world now to break and take whatever you can get away with... give me the phone system and OS that detects and blocks any and all attempts to scour my info and identifies the culprits to the NSA and FBI and I will use that !
  12. cjloki

    Rate my build!

    I was thinking it looks a little light on the ram but meh, it's not that serious...
  13. wow!! it looks like for under 2k i could rebuild in amd top of the line cpu and gpu and put my intel gamer out to pasture...
  14. oh hell yeah, I played 1 and 2 until killing rookies wasn't fun anymore
  15. cjloki

    Issue with 5.1 surround sound using a USB sound card

    sunny0106 likely a BOT
  16. cjloki

    Issue with 5.1 surround sound using a USB sound card

    spammer on the loose staff you've got a live one here !!
  17. 9.1 million is nothing to Comcast, the top echelon, are laughing their asses off... they will find another way to scam customers and pay the fine ...).; good grief
  18. yea, when this happens i drop chrome for good and migrate everything to firefox
  19. cjloki

    OCC Is Hiring!

    gee i wish, but i work to damned much
  20. cjloki

    Getting back into PC gaming! Need some help

    hey Black64, welcome back ! ...some things have changed but i'm pretty sure your Ryzen is still good, as is the ram and gtx1050ti... umm, i'm still using my 1080, and it does a remarkable job, but i'm not the most enlightened member out here... I think you'll be ok with what you have for now, to get going again.... hey take it easy over there !!
  21. cjloki

    vega 56 strix 64bios flash

    ok ! but that guy's voice...
  22. nice ! just signed up for the beta
  23. these names can be so funny and misleading or both, one guy responded about 27 inch gaming monitors and how they are named and I loled
  24. I wasn't sure where to put this, but technically it could go in just about any of our forums... and all I can add is the same stuff everybody else has put on the web... so which one of yous super smart programmer guys knew about this stuff like 9 or 10 years ago and just kept it to yourself on the down low ??? and why aren't we talking about here ?? Braegnok ?? did you ??