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  1. cjloki

    Anyone Got An E8600 Yet?

    me too...!! i was just thinkin' somebody oughta juice up an e8600 to see what it'll do and whatdaya know....here it is....!!....awsome.... is this oc on air or water cooling....? i saw the 8600's on newegg for $274.00 and that didn't seem to awful to me...5.1 is crazy man....!! and how much difference did the pc2 9600 make...??... i'm seriosly considering a major memory upgrade for this one to ddr 1200 since it's always oc'd anyway....1066 gets the job done and works beyond excellent for crysis but i'm thinking i could max out with 1200....!!
  2. cjloki

    Veloci Vs 150gb Raptor

    it's not a dumb question !...i really want either a fast raid set or a fast single to improve this machine's windows experience rating..... the only thing keeping me at 5.7 WER is HD data transactions...i could be at 5.8-5.9 easily if i had a faster HD...so it comes down to 10,000 rpm raid vs 10,000 rpm single and the pro's and cons of either choice boggle my mind too...!!...maybe someone will tell us what's up...!!
  3. cjloki

    New Mobo, P45 Or X48?

    ah shucks....oh well .... hopefully you'l find an alternative ... personally my opinion is go big and go new if possible... x48 is the wave of the future and if i read right it won't too long before ddr3 prices start to drop... take care...!!
  4. cjloki

    New Mobo, P45 Or X48?

    i just saw the rampage formula in "open box" (no accessories) for $199.99 at newegg and it sounds like you have enough parts to make up the difference .... when i had the q6600 from my back-up rig on this board it ran and gamed at 3.00g basically on auto.....but after some tweaking it would game at 3.4 solid but warm...60c+ i had to back it down some for my own peace of mind...
  5. cjloki

    New Mobo, P45 Or X48?

    the rampage extreme allows for ddr3 and crossfire x and the rampage formula is straight ddr2 up to 9600 in oc modes. i'm so glad i spent the extra money on the rampage formula but i have my sights on the extreme version...by early next year this rig will be full blown extreme...experience has taught me not to settle for second best...go all the way on first time out and you'll thank yourself later on...!!
  6. cjloki

    New Mobo, P45 Or X48?

    do you want todays bleeding edge or yesterdays news...?...rampage formula or rampage exterme, both bleeding edge choices....if you can wait a little while the new rampage extreme will be out...!!....have it all....!!
  7. cjloki

    Memory FAQ

    i really would like to know what it is about the production of ddr3 memory that makes it so expensive? i've been looking at possibly upgrading to high performance/high speed ddr3 on one of my rigs but it seems it's just not cost effective to switch. is it just that it's hard to manufacture ddr3 or are the manufacturers taking advantage of the opportunity to capitalize on new technology.....
  8. cjloki

    Best Thing For My Q9450 At 3.6ghz

    god loves a good rampage...it'll do just about anything but "Do Not" plug any extra fannage directly into the board or you will stop having fun immediately...connect extra fans into the ps and press on ....12 hours seems like a good long time to me...!!
  9. cjloki

    Which Cpu Heatsink?

    i was using a masscool on my q6600 but opted for an asus and put the masscool on the daughters' puter. my gamer (e8500) is currently running the stock intel cooler fan/sink and hovers around 36-40 w/lite loading...honestly anything is better than nothing but i feel your pain when it comes to trying to decide on one out of so many choices...you seem to have some pretty high temps... are you sure the current settup is installed properly...because if it's not securely fastened and flat on the processor you will have big numbers....at 65c i get the creeps big time...
  10. cjloki

    Low Tech Cooling

    you're right sir,... it is an eyesore of sorts and causes noise polution...my right brain says "functional" and the left screams "is that the best you can do ?" ....you've struck at the very heart of what this thread is intended to accomplish. it seems like there are among us, some of the most gifted and innovative human beings on the planet, and i don't mind picking their brains a bit...btw i stopped in at the local store today and bought 2 - 120s to try and incorporate into this case cover thanks to the ghetto mod guy ....and see how it goes....
  11. ok so now i have this killer system that out performs anything i've ever owned but won't stabilize because it builds up too much heat. I look at the miriad solutions offered by the miriad of manufacturers out there in the marketplace only to realize these folks don't really understand the scope of my problem. it's not just a processor or a northbridge or combined gpu's that need cooling...it's the whole enchilada...!!....so being the astute observer that i am i recognize that most high tech solutions are inadequate for my purposes and start looking around for alternatives. The solution..!!...take off the pretty plexiglass cover and aim a plain ol household oscillating fan into the box...presto!! no more temperature/overheat problems, crysis stopped crashing everytime i get in a tight spot and onboard monitors show temps hovering around 34-6 at idle and 36-40 under heavy load. so out of curiosity.... how many other monster over clockers are there out there who have had to resort to the low road to get a job done and what are some of your solutions....looking forward to hearing some good stuff.......cya.......cj
  12. cjloki

    Low Tech Cooling

    yes i took the sticker off.... it's working..!!hahaha....and so is the riva tuner...it's fantastic and a big help....thank you...!! but i'm still not ready to put the cover back on it just yet.... i can mount an 80 over the 3870's and the southbridge if there's clearance and another over the ram and northbridge with no trouble at all....there are plenty of places to plug in...it'll take some thought but i like to do clean work...my cover is already ported at the video card site....
  13. cjloki

    Low Tech Cooling

    woa...thank you for the responses!...it's good to know i'm not alone. due to being a rookie in the oc club i didn't realize there is a name for this "ghetto mod" but i looked at some of that guys fixes and i think i can utilize some of his basic forms and adapt them to my needs. thanks for the tip. While it's not in my nature to "ghetto" anything i own, i do see that it is very possible to incorporate increased fannage into the pretty plexiglass cover. (It's an ultra aluminus black mid tower w/700watt xvs psu) i think 80 cm intake and exhaust power fans, stock cpu fan and the optional mini fan that comes w/ the rampage. also the 3870x2's blow out the back. i really thought these would be sufficient, and they are for light work but once i get down into crysis or witcher and all that rendering i start to lock up. I guess i could back my cpu down some that's sacrilege. so there ya go.... but now i have some new ideas based on the several helpful hints and i can go from there...."ghetto mod" ....i'da never guessed ya could put wood in a puter??
  14. cjloki

    New Gaming System.... Feeback Welcome

    the p5q is a good board w/lotso features. i seriously considered the same prior to settling on the rampage. my previous setup q6600on p5kc would boot into vista @ 3.01, but dropped out under load. i had to back it up to 9x313 and it held solid @ 2.842. ok same processor, same hardware on the rampage is maintaining a solid 2.94 and but still crashes @ 9x333 under load...go figure. you have a stronger memory set than i'm currently using (soon to change) so you will have stronger oc's and room for adjustment.