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    Tier 5 Contests

    you guys are crackin me up again
  2. another amazing review frank ! it seems weird to me that amd would put all that design and performance into this card but not go the extra mile and include the 6gb frame buffer,...hmm
  3. cjloki

    Andrewr05s mITX build thread

    i saw you pop up on steam this morning ! ,...good job andrew !!
  4. cjloki

    It is time to make a confession...Thread

    I already said what annoys the hell out of me. The UI is a jumbled mess that can't decide whether it's a desktop OS or a tablet OS. Using Windows 8 on a desktop with a mouse/keyboard is annoying, unintuitive, and counterproductive. It's not just that it's new and different - it's that it consistently throws away the whole point of its namesake (WINDOWS)! I confess that I hate it. $10 says the next major service patch or Windows release (9?) steps fully back to the 7 UI for desktop machines. ...since we got onto this subject, the last update i did a few days ago, caused my gamer to boot into the metro screen, then automatically go to the desktop screen,...i didn't change it, or reset it, it started on it's own,...so waco is prolly gonna be the $10 dollar winner...my confession is i had gotten used to the metro boot up...
  5. CPU: AMD 6800k Motherboard: ASUS F2A85-V PRO RAM: 16gb Crucial Ballistix ddr3 1600 GPU: xfx7970 Black,GTX650 physx Primary Drive: OCZ 2x128gb vertex4's raid 0 Storage 1: 2x600gb WD velociraptors Storage 2: Sony OptiarcDVD rw External Storage: Seagate 500gb, 3x nas 200's Chassis: Antec1200 Full tower, bloodbath custom Cooling: Corsair H100 PSU: Coolmax cug-950 Display: AOC 27" Audio: onboard asus 8.1 Keyboard: MS Sidewinder x4 Mouse: razer deathadder Operating System: w8.1pro64 w/Media Center Country: United States it's all a work in progress...
  6. cjloki

    The Walking Dead

    i was following religiously for free on an internet site i had saved to my gamer, but somehow i lost the link and now season 4 is lost to me....anybody know of any free streaming without bullcrap adds and popups ?...i reALLY wanNA KNow WHats HaPpEnInG...
  7. cjloki

    It is time to make a confession...Thread

    i wish it was different but the other driver had nothing to do with it, all my fault...i was blind siding back at an angle, (and the pics don't show the other truck i was trying to miss on the passenger side as well) and i got too involved with the passenger side and mirror, and i guess lost track of my position on the drivers side,...but my head kept telling me i was ok, that's the disturbing part ,....as far as the the damage looking odd, it was because of the angle i was trying to bring it back in....notice, i just grazed the hood with the trailer, and cracked the clearance light, and that was all it took to ruin an otherwise wonderful day/year...it's been like 8 or 9 months since anything has gone wrong on this level....so just shit crap, learn from it and move on...
  8. cjloki

    Future concept build Mini itx

    honestly, imho it looks to me like you've made some pretty good choices for a quality mini itx setup...ftr, i like your choice of case alot, and if they had that the last time i built a mini, i would have gotten that too,...and if you ever have the cash to upgrade the cpu, you can go all the way with that fm2+ ...good job !
  9. cjloki

    Official post yourself thread

    WarWeeny was just being a nerd, her Facebook name is her actual name. oooooohhhh ,...flippin ww is goofin again...well he got me...heehee
  10. cjloki

    Official post yourself thread

    why is it that when i search ...panda-chan on fb all i find is a few disconnected pages to like? ...which one is Blue Panda ?
  11. cjloki

    Extreme Budget Build

    my fm2 choice has been very good to me hbc, and it certainly has some cheap options, but no room for growth...fm2+ is my reccomendation, (due to backward compatability), IF and only IF it can be done in a price range that will work for you... oops i just read back so never mind...
  12. cjloki

    It is time to make a confession...Thread

    the other day when i was blind side backing my truck into a tricky spot, i accidentally bumped my trailer into the front of a parked fedex and caused about $3000 damage....i was certain i was clear in my head at the time because i had pulled up and repositioned my trailer a couple of times, and had a clear view of all the obstacles...so believing i was ok, i went ahead and backed on in...when i heard the crunch noise my heart sank and i felt so bad....and the bitch is that don't know how it all happened... i swear i thought i was clear and don't know how i got so far off course to bump the other truck...f'n crazy...i know about the cost of the damage because yesterday my bossman chewed my ass, told me how much it cost him and gave me an ultimatum...honestly i feel very low and unprofessional about this whole thing ...i'm sorry about it and will do my best to learn from it...that's all i can do... ...my OCC friends a certainly welcome to see more; add me on facebook @ Cj Loki...my grandaughter"s on my shoulders
  13. cjloki

    Official post yourself thread

    what ? ...you all are not ugly, ...i know, cuz i've been there and seen with my own eyes... you have a nice family and scooter too !
  14. cjloki

    Official post yourself thread

    ...my OCC friends a certainly welcome to see more; add me on facebook @ Cj Loki...my grandaughter"s on my shoulders
  15. ...and once you go to raid, sometime during boot up, usually right after it scans the system drives, you'll see a key press combination that will get you into raid setup screen functions...
  16. cjloki

    2013 Firearms Discussion

    ...i found out my state, (sometimes stupid California), does not approve of the gun i want to buy for my personal carry,...it's only approved for sale to law enforcement ...i'm feeling pretty bummed out right now,..
  17. cjloki

    Why do you OC?

    Faster sexi teim? He is probably called "the flash" by his girlfriend. :3 hehehe...there are times when a fast, hard, forceful, interaction is exactly what a woman wants... waht ? you didn't know ?
  18. yea this, you have to configure your hard drives (or ssd's) for raid array for it for it to work properly...
  19. cjloki

    Why do you OC?

    because i'm impatient by nature, faster is always better,....faster boot up, faster app's, faster games, faster internet, faster pics, faster movies, faster everything, and i want it NOW....i want MOAR BIGGER BETTER FASTER... so therefore i overclock...
  20. cjloki

    Andrewr05s mITX build list

    if you're trying to keep expenses down andrew, then run what you got, with the understanding that you might be dissatisfied for awhile ...and then you'd be able to save up for a future upgrade...you don't HAVE TO put it all in at one time...
  21. cjloki

    Andrewr05s mITX build list

    i don't like it when you call my friend andrew05 names and talk down to him....stop that
  22. cjloki

    Miners...I don't like you

    WHAT ?.....NOOOOO !!! LOL Ebay should not be your friend. Special cards with 6GB as well! first dibs, i called it, pm me when you're ready frank, but i only use paypal...cash only....sorry ...i fixed it for ya...
  23. cjloki

    Miners...I don't like you

    WHAT ?.....NOOOOO !!!