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  1. ok i'll start it off Yesterday I saw a whore looking out for more, While she makes my body aches but I walk in and I say ...
  2. cjloki

    I dare you to finish the song

    my little granddaughter is into hello kitty stuff, but didn't like it...lol ...but this sounds like a good idea for a "finish this song lyrics" thread...
  3. i want some fresh apricots and watermelon...
  4. pfft, no you wouldn't, i'd tell you, we'd tell you...don't be silly...
  5. cjloki

    Time for a new phone?

    yes MOAR POWER !! RAM is what we need.
  6. cjloki

    Time for a new phone?

    well then i'm dumb i guess, and a pu$$y too cuz i'm scared shitle$$ of bricking a $600 S4, and losing all my work contacts and services (i.e. Tmobile stuff) but at the same time i get sick of being locked into my particular provider's system...my wife still uses my old LG C-900 windows 7.1 keyboard phone and it still has many advantages, but so old school in so many ways that it's just outdated...phones are changing so fast anymore i don't seem to be able to keep up with the cutting edge...crappola, it wasn't that long ago i said "i'm never going to get locked into a damn phone like all these kids are doing" , and now it's the way of the world...does anybody remember dial phones or party lines, or pagers ?...
  7. cjloki


    i haven't done fear 3 yet, but i'm sure thinking about it now, ...but i really liked all the others !
  8. cjloki

    Buying a Motorcycle

    whatever you decide o, have fun but be careful,..i've been riding since my youth, have grown eyes in the back of my head, am completely hyper-vigilant on two wheels, and still have occasional close calls in traffic,... i'm not ready to read bosco's sad obituary of you in crew members lounge...that bean bucket is too much money...you can do better...
  9. hey redfury77, i just noticed you're in big bear,...why i oughta ride up and meet up with a fellow OCCer, get a coffee and shoot the breeze for a bit...what do you say to that mister ?
  10. man, this contest is moving along faster than i can keep up with it,...congratulations to the winnahs ! ,...and AMD just made my cool book...
  11. i go to check my email this morning and find that apparently i've been unsubscribed...is the notification for real or is this some phishing scam....it looks so real to me that i can't tell well if i was accidentally removed just know i like it here, and enjoy my occ fam, so kindly keep me on....on the other hand, if you don't want me anymore then i'll take my marbles and go play someplace else...and if it's some phishing scam, then we have a problem...
  12. cjloki

    really ? did i get unsubscribed ?

    well, ok, sounds good, but what topic ? ...it's over my head and all, but maybe staff will look into it...i hope i wasn't deleted from contests and my entries still count...
  13. cjloki

    Okay guys

    larger ssd 256k or so, forget the raid, it's a waste of time and money,...it doesn't improve speed, just the size...
  14. cjloki

    20 Things Computer Illiterate People Say

    the sheila: i think the internet is down again, nothing is working... me:(500 miles away in Reno) ok well, turn everything off, unplug the router and the modem, wait about a minute, then plug the modem back in again and tell me what you see...you got it ? the sheila: yes 2 minutes later... the sheila: which one is the modem again ? me: oh brother...face palm...
  15. cjloki

    [Build Log] Blue's New MACHINE!

    actually, i saw that pic on your FB post and thot "now how the hell did she get that whole damned hood in a plastidip can" ?? .... well however you did it it makes the hood look like one of the carbon fibre jobs,....pretty cool manda !!
  16. cjloki

    Upgrading Graphics card

    this, and it's hard to beat the sapphire quality and service...top notch !
  17. cjloki

    Upgrade Memory or not

    (club feel free to correct me if i'm wrong here) but it's my understanding that 2x8 sticks are going to be a faster access and less energy consumption than 4x4 sticks, so you're good as far as that goes,...on the other topic, i think it's important to define what you mean by "would it be worth it" , because unless you are planning to do some major overclocking or benchmarking, your two sticks of corsair vengeance are perfectly fine for gaming and general computing...in fact my ram will easily overclock to 1866, so i imagine the corsair will too...
  18. cjloki

    Time for a new phone?

    s5's are coming out soon,....my s4 will get traded in... and yea the htc one is damn nice,...that would be the second choice if there was one...
  19. cjloki

    SteamOS, are you going to try it?

    it might be ok to try some folding, it is gonna be an open source based os right ? ...debian core is what i read i believe,...it could be useful..
  20. Ccokeman helped me get an awesome video upgrade in my gamer so it's time to part with this pair of xfx r7970 blacks that have been doing the job for me nicely. one of them was won from bosco in the tier 5 contest last year, and the other was purchased from bosco last year to match and crossfire with. Both have worked flawlessly for me have no problems or issues of note...the first one on the left in the pics did get some custom paint on the top to match the bloodbath motif of my gamer case, and the other not. i'm asking $220 apiece, shipped to anywhere in the lower 48, and i'm willing to negotiate with anyone interested in taking them both. Also, (just in case anyone is interested), i have a new in box xfx double dissipation heatsink/fan setup that will upgrade either one of these 7970's which i will pass along to first buyer at no additional charge... thank you OCC
  21. cjloki

    For Sale: A Pair of xfx r7970 black

    thank you frank, you made it possible bro,...i'm also thinking about moving out the 6870's in my office server machine in the near future, and going with a new top end gtx ???, ...we'll see...
  22. cjloki

    For Sale: A Pair of xfx r7970 black

    sale completed, congrats to the buyer, who i now know has the patience of a saint,...things go smoother and quicker if i watch how i type my info ,...thanx again to all my friends at OCC !!
  23. waht else is coming up bosco ? ...did i hear video cards ?
  24. cjloki

    For Sale: A Pair of xfx r7970 black

    the hsf came about as a result of a misunderstanding on my part ( i didn't know that one unit would shut down in crossfire, to save energy, if not in 3d) and so xfx sent it console me...and that's when i found out there wasn't anything wrong to begin with... so i never bothered to install the upgrade...warranty, uh, as far as i know ? i haven't done anything inappropriate to them, but since they came to me in a sort of round about way i'm not exactly positive...i did a little crossfire benchmarking with them when i first got 'em paired up, but 99.9 percent of the time they were at stock default...steam and origin games, nothing crazy... sure was !, one of our oldtimers made a fair offer on both of them ,and so i'm just waiting for the finalization from paypal to get it sent off