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  1. is moving kinda slow this morning and off to a slow start...gotta get some stuff at ho depot and finish Sheila's shelves before i go out tomorrow...no rest for the wicked

  2. gitcho lazy asses up and n git movin ! move it move it move it !,....you trainees got 5 seconds to gitcho asses offa my bus ! move it move it move it !

  3. ...spent a shitload of money this week on toy stuff, and not done yet,...got bills and payments yet to make,...so cmon payday !

  4. Earth #1, earth #1. !!!

  5. Can't sleep time to get up

  6. ...thinks me, it's a fix kind of morning...

  7. my angel got most everything in the ground today,...we just want to find some good starter cucumbers and start some garlics to plant and that should about do it,...!!

  8. thank you amanda

  9. got called out,...loading out for New Jersey friday morning

  10. just thank you

  11. ,..."interstellar" at home

  12. i'm not gonna pay

  13. I married my BFF so all of you the answer is No

  14. Mike, you nailed it !

  15. so you think your web surfing is safe,...Hahttp://www.tomshardware.com/news/pwn2own-chrome-ie-browser-security,28797.html#xtor=EPR-8886

  16. Luv you squeeze box !

  17. Austin almost 7

  18. I feel so bad I just ran over bugs bunny and squash him like A grape splat

  19. fresh ground ruta maya in my cup,...ima in heaven

  20. Gott get me some

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