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  1. cjloki

    Tesoro Giveaway!

    entered riverside ca holy crap, 8 pages of entries...lottery chances...lols !
  2. cjloki

    ccokemans for sale thread

    geez frank, things seem to keep moving, what else is left ?
  3. cjloki

    Thermaltake Giveaway

    truly LOL wait what did you win ?...can you tell i'm not on here all the time like i used to be ?
  4. cjloki

    Thermaltake Giveaway

    hahaha, what andrew ? ...im just makin' sure ...
  5. cjloki

    Thermaltake Giveaway

    entered california USA
  6. cjloki

    [Build Log] Blue's New MACHINE!

    once you get used to your new level of performance, you'll go easier on the gas pedal...(unless you need it)
  7. cjloki

    What tech shows do you watch?

    if frank and dave did tech tips i'd never miss a one !
  8. cjloki

    First water cooling setup

    no ? i see the blue glow thru the coolant, but if you hadn't brought it up i probably wouldn't have noticed...so far so good right !
  9. cjloki

    What tech shows do you watch?

    i like linus cuz he reminds me of charlie brown, and i always wonder where he hides his security blanket...
  10. cjloki

    Batch script for deleting AMD and NVIDIA remnants

    is all this because of video cards i sent you ? and did it work ?... i worry about such things...can you tell ?
  11. cjloki

    Thor is now a woman

    i just got horny for my "like" button
  12. cjloki

    Thermaltake Giveaway

    okie dokie, entered, california, usa
  13. cjloki

    AMD FX-9590 & FX-9370 Reviewed

    huh, surprising...that's actually a little better than i was expecting, and even slightly cooler than the 6800k @ 4.8gh... i still kick myself mentally for going fm2 instead of am3+ but honestly i've been pretty satisfied with this platform to the point i'm not looking to change anything any time soon...on the other hand, if amd (or intel too for that matter) was to come along with some similar stats in a less power hungry package i'd be willing to make a change "just because"...
  14. cjloki

    AMD FX-9590 & FX-9370 Reviewed

    but from the very first time i read about what amd was gonna do i looked at that 220w tdp and told my self no way,....even with cool and quiet fully operational and an h100 it's gotta get pretty damn warm in there...so i just ran through your review quickly frank (pretty thorough again btw) and didn't catch your temp readings for stock and overclocked...
  15. cjloki

    How often does your main computer get rebooted?

    i shutdown nightly but if there's something that needs to be updated, or i know imma be gone for a few hours, then i go ahead and reboot or turn it all off...
  16. another awesome review frank, and that is a smokin' board, good job again ! ...whenever i get around to modernizing my platform, it will be with another asus rog !
  17. cjloki

    r9 290's on ebay

    damn, late again or i woulda for certain...
  18. Say what? yup, that's you homie ! go n collect your prize !!
  19. cjloki

    Time for a new phone?

    My s4 isn't obsolete yet but it has been superceded by the s5...how soon before the s5 is out gunned and outclassed is anybody's guess...same with IPhone 5...it's looking more and more like these high end manufacturers have shot their wads...
  20. cjloki

    Learning Python

    you guys are so smart and hip... i'm amazed
  21. cjloki

    Finish the song lyrics thread

    I'm on the mic, doin things you like, The name is ras M.G. and I'mma treat you right thats right spike man ! you got it !!
  22. ok i'll start it off Yesterday I saw a whore looking out for more, While she makes my body aches but I walk in and I say ...
  23. cjloki

    I dare you to finish the song

    my little granddaughter is into hello kitty stuff, but didn't like it...lol ...but this sounds like a good idea for a "finish this song lyrics" thread...
  24. i want some fresh apricots and watermelon...