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  1. i was about to snivel about my win10 download not working yet on my lappy but then i checked again just now and it has just started,....2712.6 meg,...0% complete....it killing my verizon hotspot but wth,....
  2. cj is in the process of building a new mini-itx on the intel z97 platform, and using the core i-3 unlocked 4370 haswell. this machine will be solely dedicated to camera server continually monitoring and storeing all 6 of my home security foscam alert footage. the machine is up and runnning already but the security cam and blue iris is just waiting for me to come and finalize when i get home from this load-out...i have gotten a new appreciation of the intel haswel design and capabilities, along with the low power consumption on this build and may be migrating some more of my systems to this platform in the near future...and asus rules, ftw !!http://www.microcenter.com/product/446605/Z97I-Plus_LGA_1150_Mini-ITX_Intel_Motherboard
  3. idk, but we sure got bombed tonight !...hopefully nerm and da boyz are on it !!
  4. ya got me thinking seriously about it,...but the 28nm, well it's gettin kinda aged...it won't be long before we hear about the newer faster smaller bleeding edge state of the art...
  5. it's an oldie but a goodie, about 5 years old...i guess it's seen better days, so it's time for a replacement. the coolmax 950 is coming out and a corsair 1050 is going in...we'll see how that goes ! the psu warnings started after the griffin battle, and i'm just doing the easy run thru with the story line... wth did the spoiler tool go ?
  6. ...as far as rpg's go it's one of the bestest, imho,...but then i started at the beginning back in 2007 or 2008,... but glad you like it sir !
  7. ok well i think the witcher is putting the hurt on my tired ol psu,...twice tonight while playing the 3.3v warning popped up followed by loss of video and system shutdown. my guess is the 3.3 leg is dying and it's time for a new psu,...so now witcher is on hold until i get a new kw in here,....it works fine for this stuff but something is getting hot and smelly when monster slaying,....time for a newegg hunt !
  8. cj is taking it slow an easy, and just enjoying getting back into it,...i tried to run it on my lappy but it just wasn't powerful enough to handle it,...the video looked ok but the mouse was lagging way behind the action, so i uninstalled it,...disappointing but oh well. the machine was never meant to be a gamer...oh, and i got a call from gamestop while i was in florida, they told me that there was going to be a special early release and i could come pick up my game sunday night before closing...well i wasn't there, but it was nice of them,...i have me the full dvd gog version, and paid for the expansion pass while i was at it,...
  9. ...wait, waht ?...bosco you were sick as a dog back around the christmas contest time,...did you already forget ??
  10. i can pick mine up from my local gamestop wednesday morning at 10am when they open,...but by then i'm sure the rest of you monsterslayers will be thru to the end already, but meh,...i'm on vacation damnit...
  11. i don't know if it was flu or what, but i was sick with a bad head cold sore throat laryngitis cough that worked its way down to my lungs and got best of me...it had me under the weather for several weeks, and then the wife got it after i did, so we were both messed up for a long time,...we've had our usual annual flu shots,.. i'm just not sure what it was but sooo glad it's over with...
  12. ...a picture is worth a thousand words...

    1. Cespenar


      Monitors! And Cake! And CPU's ...

    2. Boinker


      Or just one when its is discus. :P


  13. that's waht i want !

  14. yes frank, lets see,...how hard is it to find ammo for that back there ?....300bo is like non-existent out here due to the cali assault weapon ban, but whenever it comes around it gets bought up immediatly...
  15. is feeling it

  16. My newest addition to my home protection arsenal. ...my brand new cjar10 .308 in case of zombie apocalypse or any type of local Baltimore style happening. ...
  17. look out Andrew Youlin

  18. Yesterday sweating my ass off, today freezing my balls off, I ought to be down to my right size pretty soon at this rate

  19. Goodnight SoCal I'm done I'm toast

  20. does anybody know what severe tornadic activity means

  21. I could wile away the hoursConferrin' with the flowersConsultin' with the rainAnd my head I'd be a scratchin'While my thoughts were busy hatchin'If I only had a brain

  22. that's sounding amazing, but have you seen AMD's stock prices lately ? $2.30 per share, pfft ridiculous...they're gonna have to come up with something better than that to bring some value to the company...if it goes much lower HP, Qualcom, or Broadcom, hell maybe even Samsung is gonna scoop 'em up...
  23. hey now, who has cheap motorcycle insurance besides progressive/drive insurance ?,...these cutthroat bastards just raised my payments up without any warning or notification, and i haven't made any claims, had any accidents, tickets or issues of any kind,...i'm pissed...so which company to go to ? who has some suggestions ?

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