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  1. happy holidays and best wishes to the club ! be good to yourselves cj
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    RMA Success Thread 2014/2015

    ok mythos, the MS circus is as good as it's gonna get "for today"
  3. cjloki

    RMA Success Thread 2014/2015

    imma try n use your format ivi, with a few minor adjustments for circumstances..
  4. cjloki

    RMA Success Thread 2014/2015

    accidentally made two orders of a laptop from microsoft store today, but only wanted one, ...the process of checking out from the shopping cart at the ms store is behind the times and unlike other online providers; 1. shopping cart doesn't clear when the browser is backed up, and doesn't necessarily even clear when you hit the remove item link... 2. doesnt question to double check the final decision to complete a purchase... i'll let you know how this mess goes... Manufacturer: Microsoft Store; Acer Aspire E5-571P-59QA Signature Edition Laptop Product that was RMA'd: Warranty period on original product: Product received from RMA: Warranty period on received product: Time Table: 12/16: unintentional double order made 12/16: called microsoft store support to cancel one order, was told by a middle eastern staffer i barely understood that a tracking number must be issued before the transaction can be stopped. 12/17: called ms store customer service again to inform them that unwanted laptop purchase was showing up as going to shipment and requested that shipping be halted before it went out, i was told by the outsourced phillipino staffer that the unintentional second purchase could not be stopped and that the item had to be rejected upon arrival, and a refund process would begin once ups returns the item to the store. 12/18: called the ms store to find out how it was that the initial computer purchase which was ordered with 1-2 day expedited ups shipping for $16.99. was on the same truck as the other one which had been accidentally ordered with 3-7 day ground shipping, and was promised a partial refund of $16.99 for the expedited shipping upon recipt and arrival... i was also reassured that the 2nd computer cost would be refunded to me as soon as the ups returned the item and the return procedss was completed. Turn around time: 03 days (03 business days) Was the problem solved: yes up to this point in time... Was the RMA easy to setup: Were you satisfied with turnaround time: yes, the laptop arrived in time for me to set it up before i go back out on the road with it Did they meet or exceed your expectations of a good RMA, and why: yes so far, as of today, the unintended 2nd computer is on it's way back to the ms store via ups, but the promised refunds are going to take time...i'm looking at up to 2 weeks for everything to play out. Would buy from this manufacturer again: yes probably, but i'd be MUCH more careful about how i clear my cart and complete my purchase, and from now on i will always call ahead to check on the shipping times and options before i agree faster expedited shipping... note to self: be very very careful when buying from microsoft store or i may get more than i bargained for... final thought: even though i have cleared my ms store shopping cart 5 or more times, and deleted my browsing history, whenever i log into ms store, my cart shows up as having 1 acer laptop same as the others in it...i don't get it... Edited by IVIYTH0S, Today, 05:28 PM.
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    Hi there!

    welcome !
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    Windows 10 install size?

    right, and doesn't windows grow in size as the updates are added ?...i'd think a little bigger would be better...
  7. i've decided to go study up and get my MCSA using Server 2012, and will be doing much studying while i'm out on the road in my truck. Ive been looking hard for the right tool for the job, to help me get on with it, keep my studies up to date, and facilitate and store my pre-testing results, so i can stay focused on program. The right thing seems to me to be a decent tablet with wifi connectivity, and some decent onboard memory and usb support, bigger size and resolution so my old eyes can see what i'm reading and typing, and a decent (quick, quad core) processor because i'm impatient, and may be using the thing for other things. Ive been shopping around all day and been bombed by so many choices and options that i don't even know which way to go anymore, or even if a tablet is the right answer. I've been looking in the price range of around $150 to $300 dollars and don't really want to invest more than that, if i don't have to, but i'd like to have some power and speed and size if possible too... it would sure help me to have some experience and insight as what's the best choice for this kind of usage, and the most modern equipment for what i'm looking to accomplish. any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated and given careful consideration. Thanx OCC, CJ
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    Interstellar - What a black hole looks like

    amazing science, i enjoyed the gravity man vid, he explained it in layman's terms...
  9. cjloki

    Tablet shopping is making me crazy

    i was wondering if a tablet is the right thing, for that very reason, but simpler and cheaper is part of my shopping goal so that's how i came up with the tablet idea. Now I'm feeling a little embarrassed to admit that I've never owned a laptop or a tablet in my life, but personally i would never own or buy an apple ipad or apple anything, unless it was a free gift, now I'm reminded why. i have my S4 with me constantly on the road, and my verizon mifi, but the S4 is way to small for this. So it sounds like i ought to let go of the tablet idea and start looking for a cheap, reliable, laptop of some size, for my needs. after switching gears and looking at some laptops, i came up with this: de-branded HP
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    2560x1600...put the hurt on my 7970

    yea, i never had a problem with cf'd 7970's when i had 'em in here....they did a fine job at max everything...
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    ..can't sleep anymore so coffee, omeprazole, coffee, ketoprophen, facebook, occ, more coffee, then off to an n.a. meeting...off to a slow start, so far so good
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    Noctua Giveaway!

    Looking at the specs (158mm tall) even that cooler won't fit the server. Anyway, bump for another awesome OCC contest! here here !
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    OCC Movie Night?

    To the drinking or the claim that many on the OCC chat at the time were drunk? oh, to the drunkeness level....your not really drunk until you have to grab onto the grass to keep from falling off of the planet...and congrats on the new house dave ! sounds like you and amanda are moving on up !! ,,,very cool !
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    Noctua Giveaway!

    ...i think it's all still in my Bloodbath links to phobucket, but in case not the diy custom top mounted H-100 does a pretty good job, but could be better...
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    OCC Movie Night?

    i object your honor !
  17. cjloki

    raid 0 repairs and data retreival

    ah gotcha ! i'll see what i can do...one thing at a time though..
  18. is there any way to recover data i.e. photos, and documents, f rom a crashed raid set ? any apps or proceedures out there that can restore lost raid artifacts ? i'd even be curious to know if there is a data retreival service that can do the job for a reasonable fee...
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    raid 0 repairs and data retreival

    have you ever heard of Ext2Fsd dave? i think it's a linux to windows tool
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    raid 0 repairs and data retreival

    i thot that sounded like a good idea so i gave it a try...the nas firmware sees them as unformatted single drives, because they are stripped i suppose, and so in order for them to be recognized i'd have to reformat which would be counterproductive..,.right now i'm wondering if i was to connect them to my main gamer rig, (which dual boots as win 8.1 in raid and win 7 in achi in the bios) and tried to add them to my raid set choices as another array, it would be able to access them from win 8.1 as a separate disk...maybe ?...well we shall see tomorrow unless i get called out on the road...
  21. cjloki

    raid 0 repairs and data retreival

    well i guess you live and learn, of course the mistake is all mine, and i own it, ...the disk set in question was in one of my linksys nas200 network storage backups, and i don't remember what drove me to select raid when i initially set it up, but i did, and now i appears that one of the drives has disconnected from the pair set but still works when plugged into the blackX ...so from what i've read online so far all is not lost due to it not being a total hardware failure, but it seems like it is a very tedious process, with some specialized software to get anything out of them, and then there are no guarantees...so i just thought maybe someone has had to try something similar and had insight and experience with such problems...there is a software called ReclaiMe that looks promising, and might be an answer, but i don't know if i have the time or patience to muck through it all....we shall see, ... thank you all for the responses and kind words of encouragement... i will not be hitting myself any time soon ; )
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    Just stumbled onto this site

    Welcome to OCC! and keep coming back
  23. i wanna hit the "like" button on aj