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    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    cj is taking it slow an easy, and just enjoying getting back into it,...i tried to run it on my lappy but it just wasn't powerful enough to handle it,...the video looked ok but the mouse was lagging way behind the action, so i uninstalled it,...disappointing but oh well. the machine was never meant to be a gamer...oh, and i got a call from gamestop while i was in florida, they told me that there was going to be a special early release and i could come pick up my game sunday night before closing...well i wasn't there, but it was nice of them,...i have me the full dvd gog version, and paid for the expansion pass while i was at it,...
  2. cjloki

    Anybody get the Flu this year yet?

    ...wait, waht ?...bosco you were sick as a dog back around the christmas contest time,...did you already forget ??
  3. cjloki

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    i can pick mine up from my local gamestop wednesday morning at 10am when they open,...but by then i'm sure the rest of you monsterslayers will be thru to the end already, but meh,...i'm on vacation damnit...
  4. cjloki

    Anybody get the Flu this year yet?

    i don't know if it was flu or what, but i was sick with a bad head cold sore throat laryngitis cough that worked its way down to my lungs and got best of me...it had me under the weather for several weeks, and then the wife got it after i did, so we were both messed up for a long time,...we've had our usual annual flu shots,.. i'm just not sure what it was but sooo glad it's over with...
  5. cjloki

    Official GUNS Thread --

    yes frank, lets see,...how hard is it to find ammo for that back there ?....300bo is like non-existent out here due to the cali assault weapon ban, but whenever it comes around it gets bought up immediatly...
  6. cjloki

    Official GUNS Thread --

    My newest addition to my home protection arsenal. ...my brand new cjar10 .308 in case of zombie apocalypse or any type of local Baltimore style happening. ...
  7. that's sounding amazing, but have you seen AMD's stock prices lately ? $2.30 per share, pfft ridiculous...they're gonna have to come up with something better than that to bring some value to the company...if it goes much lower HP, Qualcom, or Broadcom, hell maybe even Samsung is gonna scoop 'em up...
  8. well silly me, i was more referring to the gtx, but now that ive read the whole thread, um ok...hehehe
  9. good god frank, how did you afford that thing ?
  10. cjloki

    Official GUNS Thread --

    i ve been scheming on building a AAC .300 blackout on a budget, but havent decided on quality, weight and parts yet,...frankly the truth is i haven't torn down an m16 since my army days, and have lost track of all the many and various vendors making parts these days...there are so many choices anymore that i'm not sure who to go with...any suggestions on the low price/high quality end will be seriously considered,....thanx occ cjloki
  11. cjloki

    Oh, oh Hey There!

    Glad you made it back bro....hang in there !
  12. here lately, or so it seems to me, there has been a rash of highly over-optimistic release dates that don't come to pass and get rescheduled, because the devs are trying to hard to please everybody and adapt for multiple platforms...right now i'm thinking of witcher, but a while back it was crysis 3, and before that mass effect, ....it just seems like that when devs stick to a particular group/platform, then both good gameplay and accurate release dates happen....
  13. cjloki

    Life is Strange

    hmm, the trailer looks interesting, ...is there a free trial or a buy in ?
  14. cjloki

    Profile views

    yea wow, the phishing bots are working overtime, ...only 26958 for me but i'm pretty sure that's because i'm not that interesting...you younger guys with "all that" goin on are surely the preferred targets...
  15. i put the win10 technical preview on one of my older machines last week, just to test it out, (and posted a few of my findings on my facebook) and while i had intended to dig deeper into it beyond the gui, this week, i got called back out to drive for this saturday and won't have time to do it justice...soo maybe when i get back from this next trip i'll be able to look deeper into win 10... mean while, just the gui changes are a bit weird and will take some getting used to, (my first impression was something like win 7 crossed with ubuntu and some win 8 thown in) but that's just me...i had really gotten used to the active corners of win 8-8.1, and those are now missing, there is an option to set your gui to open in metro style or you can keep the metro attached to the start button popup, sort of win 7 style, and scroll thru the metro icons with the mouse wheel in the lower lefthand corner...basically the gui is pretty familiar and reminiscent of it's predecessors and should be fairly easy to navigate by anyone who regularly logs in here on OCC... i have received the tech preview response app invite today, but havent had the time to give my feedback yet....maybe tomorrow...
  16. well like i said, i wasn't worried,...it showed up this morning..the beautiful new addition to my electronic universe ! well this thing is HEAVY, like over a pound, and it must hold a hell of a charge !
  17. ...71c is easy breezy, run with it !
  18. ...not that i'm concerned or anything like that, but i've been wondering if i should have heard something from patriot by now ? ...it has been a few days since the contest ended...
  19. cjloki

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    i can just about make the minimum on my laptop, and the gamer pretty much covers the recommended....i caint wait...
  20. cjloki

    club ces support

    hey now, who's at ces this year ?...whats going on over there ?
  21. cjloki

    club ces support

    i'm pretty sure mario is there, shoot i ought to jump on my scooter and jet over there for the day to see whats happening...does a person still have to pay registration to get in and participate ??
  22. Well hey, wow, i just saw that i won a really nice patriot battery pack ! Thanx occ !!, ...that will come in very handy out here on the road and will be put to good use...very cool !
  23. hey yea, good call nyt, i'll keep that locked and saved for future reference, good lookin out !
  24. well how's dave doing ? are you ok bosco ? ...merry christmas you all !!