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  1. Well, we could talk all day about the moral implications of illegal music downloading. There seem to be a fair number of people who back up their massive pirate mp3 collections with something about "the music industry is dumb" or "sharing doesn't hurt artists" or whatever. All a bit dubious for me -- is it coincidence that music sales started plummeting the exact moment in 2000 that Napster came out? And these days, a lot of artist are selling DIRECT on itunes and etc. -- so when u pirate their songs, you are literally deciding not to pay the person who made the music -- there is often NO record company involved now.... Anyway ... my take is that I tend to use iTunes not for any moral reason, but just because I HATE dealing with the two main problems with limewire/bearshare etc Problem #1 -- spyware/virus/filth Problem #2 -- lack of selection I'm into techno/trance/electronic music almost exclusively, and a lot of the stuff is actually pretty HARD to find on limewire... I could spend hours looking for it but I prefer not. I tend to search around on iTunes for compliation series that I feel have good selections, and then just buy whole compilations... recently I've been spending way too much money on this series -- http://electricnation2010.com/tracks