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  1. I'm building a new system and the one i have now is pretty old. But I still want to hang on to my IDE 250gb hdd and DVDRW. I was planning on jumping an old 100w psu, getting 2 ide to usb adapters and a usb hub and pretty much making 2 external drives. The hdd will just be for storage and back up, nothing will boot from this drive of course. I may need to boot from the dvd drive to install OS but thats not a problem to do. My only concern/question is, is there a big difference in data rates or performance? Will burning a DVD be extra slow? I don't burn movie disks, just data. If i plan on doing that ill just go int sata route. I haven't really seen anyone try exactly what I'm doing. If anyone knows of a similar project or even worklog i would really appreciate a link or info. Thanks a lot! (first post btw!)
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