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  1. Thanks rado and soundx for your quick and helpful replies. It sorta sucks about the "red" uv cables. ahh well i have one green and red fan (as the case fans are already blue) coming in the mail in a couple of days and i'll see what color scheme works for me. Sorry soundx i have no access to a motel parking lot but my neighbors away right now haha. im sure he will appreciate coming home and finding a black outline of a 900 series case on his driveway haha thanks guys
  2. hey all im new to this forum and new to case modding, First of all nice job soundx that case looks awesome!!! :eek: I was just wondering if anyone has red UV SATA cables in their case, i was looking at some and they aren't red they are pinky/orange but not red! and was wondering anyone had seen any REALLY red UV SATA cable or now how to make them really red? its just that i have a antec 900 and i have some great ideas floating around my head about what i want to do. Also soundx how hard was it to paint the inside of your case as it looks good but i dont want to stuff anything up if i did mine. cheers all
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