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  1. k i got it working now... itz the crossover cable that screwed it up...i used a normal ethernet cable n it worked like a charm...thx for everyone's advice.... yea i remember reading somewhere else that newer macs are cabaple or determining a computer to computer connection and switches the pins internally....so maybe that's what it did and it screwed it up.. using a crossover cable on mac is unneccessary and in fact it would ruin it...
  2. but then both WIFI worked before i tried networking them together.... I used to have PC going on 1 network, mac going on another...and no links in between... both connections worked great with no problems. Now that i have the KM sharing and the crossover cable for LAN file transfer, my PC's WIFI craps out... so i was thinking maybe i did something wrong along the way...or maybe it's behavinng correctly but there is sth i need to do to improve the situation?
  3. i Have a PC desktop running XP SP2 and a Macbook running on Leopard. also a Dlink wireless router. There is a few things i wanted to achieve. 1. File transfer through LAN between PC and Mac 2. PC can go on WIFI network, and Macbook can go on another WIFI network(yea my house has more than 1 WIFI network, my own, and my landlord's, and no i'm not stealing his WIFI, internet was included in the rent, it's just i bt too much stuff i dun wanna screw up their WIFI=P so they won't kick me out=P) 3. KM sharing with snergy between Mac and PC http://www.engadget.com/2005/08/09/how-to-...e-with-synergy/ So right now i have a crossover cable connected between my PC and Mac and each computer gets it's internet through WIFI(dfferent networks) file transfer and KM sharing works like a charm.the Problem is my PC's WIFI connection. While my Macbook constantly stay on WIFI, which is great, my PC's connection gradually dies off within an hour or two upon restarting the computer... I've tried setting the metrics like they were saying in this thread http://www.diy-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=81663 but it didn't work out that well for me... I'm really a noob in networking....so if i can get any help on this, It would be great... Thanks in advance for the help..!! Regards,
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