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  1. Well, after doing some additional research, I see that the medicine I was taking, and had just finished when I started hearing the noises, DOES in fact list tinnitus and/or hearing loss/ringing as side effects... So adds a little more to the confusion. I'm hoping this isn't a long-term condition, but it very well may be. Heck, maybe we're just ahead of the curve of an evolution of mankind. Have you been to the doctor about this hearing issue? I plan to soon as I've been told it's a good idea. Tinnitus and other issues similar to it could be evidence of many things, including high blood pressure, or even tumors (in the neck or head). As for the neck cracking, I'm going to try VERY hard to resist it and see if it helps, I would suggest you do the same. I realize how very hard it is, as it seems pressure builds up until you relieve it (sometimes a crack will, real good, but sometimes it seems to worsen the pressure). I've also found a term for this, and I believe it could rightly be referred to as a tic (not tick, like the insect). Look it up on a medical term site or wiki it. It's a word to describe a semi-invoulintary 'twitch' or quirk of sorts. I used to crack my elbows regularly, stopped that, then it was my right wrist (looked like I was trying to speed away on a motorcycle. ), stopped that, now days it's my back/neck. I think it's a psychological thing, probably more common amongst geeks (with the bouncy legs while gaming and all). But something that could be causing issues, I've had a type of semi-hard syst (sp?), or growth happen on my wrist when I used to crack it a lot (may be called a ganglian or something like that). grew to a size where it hurt if I hit it on something, but one time I hit it hard enough, and it popped. Made me feel sick to my stomach thinking of what just popped into my system, but apparently these things aren't all that uncommon. Keep me posted if you find anything else out please, and I'll do the same for you. --Cory
  2. Hi, I've stumbled upon your post, as I've recently had issues with high pitch sounds as well. Tell me, is it JUST your system you're hearing these sounds from? or have you noticed other things making more high pitch noise than before? I had a sudden on-set of super-hearing it seems. There are many variables, and I'm trying to figure out why, but I now seem to be able to hear high pitch sounds everywhere. My TV I've been using for years now drives me nuts! My new computer [E8400, Nine Hundred case, 700W Tagan PSU, 2xX1950 Radeon (old external crossfire), P5K-E Wi-Fi AP mobo, vx2240w monitor, 2x250GB SATA Barricuda HDD] makes high pitch noise too (not as noticable as the TV, but definately there). And to make matters worse, my workplace is PACKED with computers, servers, and anything else electronic. Until about 2.5 weeks ago, I could maybe hear a an old CRT TV when it turned on, but usually wouldn't notice it after a few seconds or a minute. Now, the sound drills into my brain. When I finish watching some TV with the g/f, and try to go to bed, I can hear the high pitch ringing in my ears. (comparable to being at a concert and hearing the ringing, but much higher pitch). A few things that I've read about which may be factors: I was sick with a sinus infection -- possible damage or cloggage of some sort. I went on strong antibiotics (Biaxin I think it was called), and accidently took a double-dose for my first one (I started hearing the noise just as I finished my perscription I think). Pharmacist said shouldn't be an issue, I might just taste MORE of the regular bile taste that stuff has as a side-effect. Often when I get sick, I get braunchitus (sp?) -- which I believe is chronic as I get it often (I've read that there was a study on people with braunchial asthma whom can hear in the 16, 18 and 20khz range). As well, I pretty much just built my computer, and right around this time I just got my two SATA HDD's, first ones I've ever owned, and due to the case it's very open for sound to escape. Oh, and I'm unfortunately someone whom cracks their joints quite often, including the neck, which I have heard can cause Tinnitus. So for me, it's going to be tough to narrow down why I can hear these high pitch noises so suddenly... But maybe you can identify with one or more of these variables. If it was ONE thing that I could hear, ok, it's deffective. But because I can hear the noise varying in volume as I walk around my house and/or office, I think I've just developed a keen ear for electronics -- which kindda sucks as I'm a computer engineering student planning on becoming a hardware developer. I hope this helps! --Qo
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