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  1. Ill go ahead and do that Bowtie. I have spare cables for most of what I have in it. but just as a curious question. why/how could it be a cable if: 1) the Opty runs my system just fine, only the FX-60 proc acts up 2) the errors range from vid card, RAM, and HDD It just doesnt seem too logical to see how a cable from my mobo to my DVD Burner (per say) would fix all those errors. I dont write off your suggestions as false or stupid by any means. but in terms of logical reasoning, how would that be the problem? thanks for the advice
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    TV Tuner help!

    hey Jelly. to answer your question about the ATI 650. I bought it, and it worked pretty well. Im about to return it though just b/c it did give me issues with the ATI Catalyst system. Although I do believe that my PC just wasnt quite cut out to use it properly. as far as software goes, since i had previously said that the Catalyst program gave me problems. I used the Windows Media Center that comes with Vista (not sure if it comes with all versions, i have Ultimate. it may be one of the bells n whistles of Ultimate, not positive) and it worked quite well. Id still say that its a pretty decent card. I didnt do alot of research into it, so Im really not sure if theres anything better out there. I personally hope there is. It didnt seem like it was THE BEST out there. But not the worst out there either. I have seen some people having bluescreens that seem to be related to the ATI TV Wonder products. I'd advise just researching that a bit prior. But keep me updated! I'd like to know how it truly works out for you! It's like a TiVo, jus modified for a computer. and alot cheaper!
  3. hey guys. well still no luck. vista had problems reinstalling so that was a no go. I went back and used Driver Sweeper from guru3D and swept all my drivers. reinstalled my chipset, vid, and soundcard drivers. It actually booted up a couple times and held for about 10-15 mins stable. but once i tried to actually do a task (like get on the internet) it would just crash again. I recorded a series of 5 crashes. interrupt_exception_not_handled 0x0000003D nvlddmkm.sys 0x0000001E 0x00000101 page_fault_in_nonpaged_area 0x00000050 memory_managenent 0x0000001A irql_not_less_or_equal 0x0000000A all random once again, seeing as the first crash hinted at a vid card issue, third was memory/proc error, fourth, fifth and sixth were memory. once again just for crap n giggles i ran memtest overnight ran 15 hours without a single error. Ive decided to RMA the proc. I ll let you guys know sometime next week how that works. Thanks everybody for the advice and suggestions. hopefully a clean RMA will solve this issue. Appreciate it!
  4. i tried the reliability monitor. but it requires me to have another program running, in order to register the errors. i need it running for at least 24 hours. so everything previously, wont be recorded in the error log. im going to try and reinstall vista and start it all from scratch ill keep yall posted on how it goes
  5. ive already previously installed that hotfix, wev, i actually got it from your advice from another post (it didnt help the recognition of the RAM) What I actually had to do is go into my BIOS and enable the hole for the RAM to be counted. and as well ive already installed SP1 and that has not cured the problem either. Thanks, but that was jus another shot in the dark. >.<
  6. Hey guys, its been awhile since ive been back on forums but sure enough, i need the help. Just recently (a few days ago) i decided to up my rig. I went from an Opty 165 -> FX-60, evga 7800GT -> evga 8800GTS, and from 2x1GB OCZ Gold PC4000 -> 4x1GB G.Skil F1 PC3200. Everything has gone relatively smoothly except for the FX-60. Every time I boot up i get to windows (Vista 64) and after 3-5 mins i BSOD w/ a stop error, every time, without fail. The frustrating part is that every time I bsod i get a different error just about every time. Ive searched and searched and have yet to find solutions. Ive tried the FX-60 w/ the old OCZ memory, and the old GPU, and i get the same result. Ive made sure everything is updated, flashed BIOS, and most recently I tried installing SP1 (with no difference, good or bad). I had a problem getting all 4GB of RAM to be recognized. Ive solved that. Several of the error messages have pointed towards RAM issues but ive run memtest fo r 8 hours straight with 0 errors. many of the errors seem to be related with ppl doing either new installs of vista, XP, or server 2003. none of which match my issues or any means of solving. Oh, I also must mention that the FX-60 runs perfectly fine in safe-mode. and any time that i swap the Opty back in, it runs perfectly fine. So here's a list of the errors, hopefully one of you great minds can work with me here. 0x00000050 Page_Fault_In_Nonpaged_Area Npfs.sys 0x00000024 ntfs.sys error 0x0000003B System_Service_Exception Ntfs.sys fltmgr.sys error (didnt write down the error code :sigh 0x000000D1 Driver_Irql_Not_Less_Or_Equal 0x0000001A Memory_Management 0x000000101 (one of my first errors, all others are more recent) ive gotten the 50, 3B, and 101 a couple of times, but they are all seemingly completely random after I got the ntfs.sys errors i ran ChkDsk /f on the next startup to check my drives and it came up with relatively nothing. only 8kb in bad sectors. Ive thought about doing a cleen sweep and reinstall, but I have a feeling im gonna have the problems that others have had with BSODs on install. Thanks guys!
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