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  1. I think that is the bottom line to this whole topic. I think people forget on how our democracy is supposed to work. It is so much easier to get lost in our internet personal lives than deal with confrontations. If they don't effect us here and now why worry about it, seems to be a major downfall of the american population. The American citizens are the United States of America not the politicians. We vote them in and pay their salaries to represent us not to dictate us. Has The United States of America which is We The People been mislead by a elected politician in office? You bet your butt we have! Does it make me any less patriotic then the guy that thinks I shouldn't question politicians integrity. No I don't think so. I know how many letters and emails I sent to congress this month about different issues. I just don't believe it is patriotic to follow elected officials blindly. It clearly undermines our democracy if you leave it up to the next generation to deal with issues that are facing us here and now. I think it is naive to think if I don't support Bush then I don't support our troops. Bush is just a man that represents us and his term is ending soon. The troops will be there to protect us as they had in the past and present, long after he is out of office. God Bless our troops I never have disrespected them. I just think people have a twisted way of thinking which is quite a naive way of thinking at that.
  2. Maybe Vermont is onto something they vowed to arrest bush and cheney.....
  3. Here is the article I ran across: http://www.newswithviews.com/NWV-News/news38.htm Here is Bush's Directive: National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive This is some pretty scary stuff they slid in under our noses. Im just trying to keep you guys informed. I really believe we are headed for a real eye-opener. Bush needs to be impeached.
  4. AMD Phenom 9500 GeForce 8600 GTS Anyone got info of what 3dmark06 score this setup above should be getting (approximately)at stock settings and overclocked settings? I dont own one but just asking for someone else. Im looking for a ballpark figure.
  5. Hey guys im a old new member lost my account details. But im back. I run and have been running acbel. They make server psu's aswell but something new they have is " New Generation Power Supply with Latest Power Management Technology - Power Function Digitalized Controller" My Acbel is strong running 24 pin 500w psu and their link can be found in my sig.
  6. I support our second amendment -the right to keep and bear arms. When I was 16 my father took me to the local gunshop and we both purchased the same shotgun mossberg 500 pump. We hunted together that year and he shot his first buck. It wasnt about shooting an animal it was about spending time with my father. Those where the best years of my life. Our right to bear arms is not only our right but it is our heritage. Did you know since 1960-2006 that murder rates increased as the population increased? There where 9,000 murders in 1960 with a population of 2 million people. 2006 there where 17,000 murders with a population of 3 million. Now im not even counting the amount of illegal aliens that have entered the country in the last 20 years..... The school shootings in the last 10 years where a terrible thing. On the one side you have the victims families and friends wondering why? On the other side you have the assailants family and friends wondering why their child turned out so bad. I can give you a glimpse of why. The kids in the schools know why. Bullies..name calling..spitted on,tripped..the worste degradation a child should go through. So before you say to your child look at that freak or look at that loser loud enough so the kid can hear it just remember that kid might fight back someday. Your fooling yourself if you dont atleast think this part of addition to the subject is true. But dont blame it on the guns as a freaking cop out!
  7. Looking for a deal on some quality and low latency ddr3. I seen some cas 6 at the egg and tiger but that stuff is way overpriced. I been visiting here back when the dfi ultra-d came out not sure how long ago that was? but forgot my account info :drool::eek2:
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