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  1. I'll probably try to just run a clean up as you suggest first, and then after I get all of my security keys off of the HD, I'll wipe it. Sigh. Can you rocommend a good solid MB that's Intel based? I am thinking of going strictly with an intel board. Thanks for the ideas!
  2. Well, it looks as though I am SOL. Let me ask this. Does replacing my motherboard automatically mean that I am going to have to reformat my HD? I know I'll need to load all of the new drivers etc, but I know my HD and what's on it is good. Thanks for the assistance!
  3. Hi all, Well, after reading everything here, it seems like I should be thankful that my 875P-T lasted for almost 3 years. Well, it croaked. Something in one of the layers burned up, and now I need to find another one to hold me over for a little while. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you!
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