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  1. This is my desktop. nothing really special... but it makes me happy. im runing Debian w/ Gnome2.8. the background usually changes daily tho :-P
  2. Home: Cable ISP: RoadRunner Speed: 3Mb down, 384kb up Dorm: Dual OTCs (i think thats what its called) ISP: the RIT network lol Speed: 100Mb down, 10Mb up
  3. the laptop bigred suggested.... is an increadable one. i have one, and i love it to no end. its a wonderfull laptop, the only rel complaint i have is the lack of linux drivers (which doesn matter for mr. MS) for the coolNquiet tech, as well as having a difcrapult time w/ the audio drivers. otherwize, i could reccoment this laptop to anybody and everybody. the price is sure as all hell nice too... i got mine w/ a 3000+ for under 1500. good luck
  4. maybe we could have our new name, and to still keep the OCC roots have some type of subtitle including that.
  5. yeah im tasting it too.... thats a hella awesome mobo. just wish i had a cpu to go w/ it.....
  6. i must ask... y are u keeping ur albatron over your k8n neo?
  7. get the 512kb cashe ones.... the difference between the 512kb and 1mb is very little, and the difference between 2.2ghz and 2.4ghz is a good amount
  8. its most likely some goofy thing that u have to sign up to like 100 different things in order to get an ipod.. and by the tie u signed up and paid for other stuff u might as well just have bought the ipod
  9. ok, my friend went out and bought an X800PRO 256mb. and, although i havnt seen it yet, im pretty sure it doesnt have VIVO. from what ive been hearing, the VIVO cards flash to the XT-PE's very easily. my question is is there any way to get my friends non-VIVO card to have all 16 pieplines running??
  10. just get an Nvidia 6800GT. a bit better performance w/ full 16 pipelines compaired to the X800Pro's 12. plus, if need be, u can overclock it to ULTRA specs w/out that much of a problem.
  11. yeah really list the full specs of ur system... cuz right now it could be any of like 100 different things.
  12. Xero


    i got a ASUS A7N8X Deluxe w/ a fried bios chip on it. ill trade and u can either get a bios chip or RMA it.
  13. im looking to buy a computer case. im thinking of going for something that is eaither factory modded, or modded via an OCC member. i am looking for something thats preferably big (mid/full tower), and it has to have a window. im looking for something thats around 50-100 dollars US. and please, no beige. new or used is fine, as long as its in good condition. also i will take suggestions, and please if u have something post a pic and/or link. thanks!
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