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  1. thanks , so I guess I am supposed to keep the value round about 1000 then.. hmm
  2. thanks very much .. now I understand FSB (200) X 11 = 2200 ( 2.2G) my stock speed so how Does FSB 200 x LTS/FSB RATIO ( 5) = HTT (2000)?
  3. OK .. Deep breath.. (So I did read the guides here , not that I really fully understood them ) I am really sorry if these questions are trying anyones patience I just really having a hard time getting my head round the basics . I read in the OC guide that you need to keep the HTT round about 2000 .. there is not any "HTT " in my BIOS I think I understand I go to Gene Bios .. I see "FSB Bus Frequency" that is 200 and I see "LTD/FSB Frequency Ratio" . From what I undersand ( and maybe I got it wrong) the Default setting is x5 for that one ... 200 x5 = 1000 so what I am I missing to figure out this HTT which is supposed to be 2000 as a default? ? :eek: So that is my confusion with HTT now Proc Speed .. hmm now I look at that same thing the "FSB bus Frequency" @ 200 and then this setting here : "CPU/FSB Ratio" @ 11 so it makes sense that my proc default speed is 200*11 = 2.2 G SO I think I understand that part alright also kind peoples can someone explain "LTD Transfer width" Basicly I am trying to understand the settings I would set in the Bios to make the system run at default sppeds and default voltages , as previous to this I just set everything to Auto and never really understood what was going on .. now I want to dive into OC world, and first step I think should be to understand the default settings , and try and stay away from "Auto" anything .
  4. thanks very much but .. I feel really dumb reading that guide .. wil take a bit of time to work through
  5. in the OC guide it says to default. Do NOT use the auto setting! ok so how does a noobie like me work out the default , my sig has my specs ..
  6. hey guys , thanks for everything , based on my specs , what is the first bios setting to chnage and what is a good setting to see a god jump in speed
  7. hey guys , well now I got my system all running nice and cool thanks to all of you .. now I am diving into over clocking for the first time .. I have had my system for abou 18 months running stock ( i think ) speeds ( just all the defaults in bios) . My question is this .. I have had a read of the OC basics .. DO i Start to OC on the CPU right , than once I got that down I move onto memory , then on to the GPUs .. SO just help a newbie if you dont mind .... which setting EXACTLY in the bios do I play with first? and how do I learn more?
  8. yeah it is funny a few drivers back everything is ok ... but none of the drivers ever make the problem go away .. only solution is RVtuner and scheduled tasks ... would like to fix it rahter than work round but hey
  9. Basicly its for Media Centre .. thats pretty much the only real advantage to Vista .. of course it's just the fact that I shelled out $$ for vista and I should not need to "upgrade" to XP just to get things working
  10. ANybody ever have this issue ? 2x XFX PV-T71G-UDER Extreme Edition Video Card, GeForce 7900 GT, 256MB, DDR3, PCIe-16, in SLI on a Lanparty expert MB had WinXP on it for ages with no issues , just ran them as they came from the box ... Got Vista installed and had Diagonal line issues every time the screen did Anything like switching modes ( starting a game , media centre, switching levels in game )or going black for a second with the crazy parinoid Vist securty crap happens , or even when it wakes up from Sleep .. These diagonal lines only go away on reboot strangely they go away if you send Pc to sleep , but only on the welcome screen , once you go todesktop they are back ..... ... After much research I found it didnt matter if I under clocked by 5-7 both the GPU and the mem , or if I under clocked by same amounts , problem went away , could sleep pc and wake up to test .. I used to use the Nvida tool to do to OC , but then a few drivers ago the silly thing stopped "remembering " my over/underclock every reboot , which meant I had to remeber to change it every time I started the PC up which was crap .. Got the rvtuner thingy and that was better at remebering stuff when I rebooted , but as it needs Admin rights , Vista wont let it run automagicly at boot , have to use scheduled tasks and do some playing about with the switches and so forth .. Vista doesnt mind aps who ask for admin rights at boot , as long as they go through schdeuled tasks ... Well anyway a few things .. am I the only one who has this . Does anyone know Why this happens froma HW / Driver POV? Whatsup with the newer "improved " Nvidia drivers why dont "NTUNE" remeber the settings after a reboot anymore ? Does anyone know the last version of the Nvida drivers that actually worked properly? have I done the "right tweak" for this issue , now system boots up just fine , but seems like an aweful amount of work to go through every re-install ... also why does an underclock , AND an overclock both fix it , whats wrong with it the way it comes from the factory ? why VIsta breaks it , but XP ok? is there a better BIOS for these cards .. sorry just never had to OC ANYTHING before all this and I am on a STEEP learning curve , but feell like I deserve a pat on the back for making it this far on my own oh yeah .. its VISTA ULTIMATE , 32 bit , and I had exactly the same issues on the Beta of vista and can confirn WINXP does have this particular issue
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