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  1. yea i only adjusted that part that says cpu vid control to 1.5, wonder if that is even sufficient?
  2. so i thought everything was going nice and well after my previous thread with the issue on the bios here: http://www.diy-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=82524 so anyways, things were going pretty well with vista. i havent run into any problems with it so i decided to do a little ocing. first i started with raising the speeds from stock setting of 200mhz to 220mhz. then tried loosening timings to 2-3-3-10 and raising the speed to 250mhz. ran stable, and i tried my luck with going 270, but restarts on its own on random and wont get past windows splash. i then went on to try to raise the cpu core voltage from 1.4 to 1.6. the problem is that i couldnt really find out where that was exactly in the bios. there was only one thing that was even remotely close to it, and that was the chipset vid whatever, and it was set at 1.4. i upped it to 1.5, saved and exit, and now it just gives me the 2 leds with crazy fans. it doesnt make any beeping noises. i followed the exroadie clear cmos procedure and had no luck. please help!
  3. thanks for your help everyone. the solution was: 1) new bios sent from dfi to me 2) plug in the what looks like 8pin connector by splitting it into 2x4 pin connectors. im happy and running! thanks again!
  4. yes ive done the load optimized defaults. i usually do that as standard procedure whenever reflashing the bios in the past. are you sure i still have to run memtest? prior to the reflashing bios garbage i went through, ive had no problems running my setup. never had any issues with my ram, and i do believe ive run the memtest before many times prior during those days.
  5. alright so splitting the 8pin connector and plugging only 1 of its 4 pin set connectors into it powered it on and posted. finally! but the issue now is that it hangs when i try to run the setup for vista. it just shows a colorful screen in the background and thats it. it doesnt even get into setup. so i tried installing xp instead, but it always seems to hang when i try to format it. when i set the partition for installation to 130gigs, it hangs after it reaches 2%. when i changed the partition to 50 gigs, it stops at 6%. something to do with the hard drive? let me know what you guys think. thanks!
  6. just a quick question, but does the tx750 have a connector that can plug into the 4pin connector (the one next to the 24pin atx)? i noticed that i dont have a 4pin plug from the psu.
  7. just got the new bios chip w/latest bios for my board from dfi. same annoying thing. 4 leds with fans spinning like crazy, shaking the whole system apart. am i screwed? what else can i do from here?
  8. i have no floppy drive to connect them to so would there be a purpose to that? thanks.
  9. would i still be able to do the extended procedure if i dont have a 4 pin connector on the tx750? as far as i know, i dont see how i can plug mine in. i only have 6/8 pin connectors unlike my previous antec neo power 480. also i have no floppy and nothing to connect floppy power connector to so would that matter? about how much would it cost and is it justifiable to try to revive such an old platform factoring in the costs?
  10. could you give me the detailed procedure for an extended clear cmos? also, what are the suggested components to have plugged to do minimal boot? and is there a chance that this thing is permanently hosed just from the bios flash?
  11. EDIT: SOLVED Hello everyone, I am new here to the street forums. So prior to this problem, i had formatted my computer and was able to get into windows desktop just fine. I did all the dandy windows updates for xp and everything and restarted. after i was settled in with all the updates, i decided that maybe i should flash my bios to the newest version. went onto dfi's website and grabbed the 2006/04/06 bios update and used winflash to get it done. now i have used winflash before and never had a problem with it completing successfully. I flashed it this time without a problem as well, since it did reach 100% completion. now after i restarted the computer, the issue came up with it not booting to anything. all it does is run the fans like crazy max speed, and 4 red leds can be seen from the motherboard. I tried the various methods of clearing the cmos, including the ones found on this forum. one of them being to unplug the power from psu, remove battery, cmos normal to cmos clear for 60 secs, then back to normal, then battery back on, then psu cable back on, and power on. monitor does not detect a signal coming from the video card. only 1 hard drive(sata) is connected. please let me know what i can do from here. thanks!
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