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  1. buy.com has Corsair PSU's on sale. I just bought a VX550w for $15. $84.99-$20MIR=$64.99 and $50 off for taking out the credit card offer. $64.00 is an excellent price even w/o the cc offer. TX750w $104.99 no rebate. HX520, HX620, VX450 all on sale. Free Shipping.
  2. Now I have a new problem. I insalled, nhancer and ntune and MBM5 readings are whacked. Which ine of these or both conflict. If I uninstall and reinstall MBM5 will it work or do I need to uninstall the Nvidia stuff?
  3. I tried Orthos but it locks up on me. I had it running 12+ and then it suddenly froze. Not the PC just Orthos. The log also, no errors recorded, it just stopped recording. It happened twice so I stopped using it. So I should ignore the over 50c readings in Everest for "core1 and core2"?
  4. I am trying to get stable at 275mhz I ran Prime95 on core 1 no problem but core 0 errored. Is this normal? So I OC to the weakest link? I am at 1.35v plus 110% Special above VID, MBM5 shows 1.44v instead of 1.48v, so I have room still, just curious about the different results between the cores.
  5. Am I missing a plug in or something for MBM5. During Prime95 MBM5 shows CPU at 39c but I just installed Everest and it shows CPU 39c but CPU #1/core1 50c and CPU #1/core2 57c. I dont like those temps. Which reading is accurate? Also is there an option to manually control the cpu fan speed? The fan is a Panaflo 120 3-pin plugged into the cpu connector on the M/B
  6. Very Nice, I have the Antec TP3 Trio 650w. recommended here on DIY. I was leaning toward the Corsair VX550-rock solid- but the Antec was on sale
  7. Is your ram EL? I have EL previously, and talked w/ OCZ about OCing it. El does not like to OC too far. I was not able to go much over 200mhz stable. FSB and divider had to stay around 200-210 or I had problems. I also had better luck with weak Dram drive strength (level 7)-no idea why. This was with a single core FX-55. Wevsspot is very good with this, drop him a PM. Bios could also be a factor. I was using 0406 then switched to 0704. lastly, for very little money you could sell your EL ram and buy EB or other PC4000, it will make your OC life much easier. I did and love the EB, I have had it at 265mhz 1:1 with an Opty 170 at 265x10, easily room to go higher. Good luck
  8. I am not sure of the Prime 95 version, but I have to test each core separately. I'll look for the v25.x. Like you said Orthos has a nicer GUI and I hoping to use it. Thanks
  9. Thanks. I did. The plugin is installed and sensor 25, 26 activated but I still get 0. Does ntune need to be installed or Riva?
  10. I ran Prime 95 on each of the cores with no errors. Any clues why Orthos would lockup?
  11. there is alot of very good reading material on this site. A64 OC guide especially. From what I have read lowering the HHT does not have much of an adverse effect at all.
  12. lol. I just happened to be on looking for a response to my post.
  13. It will be helpful to fill out this attachment and post it.[ATTACH]6322[/ATTACH]
  14. Please post your system specs in your sig so we know what you are dealing with.
  15. I am looking for some help w/ MBM5 I downloaded the "cusom data" file but I have been unable to get a readout on my GPU
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