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  1. i dont have a heat account sorry thanks alot tho
  2. 2.7 ish didnt go any higher, settings on the ram was decloaked it was around 180mhz ish voltage around 1.45 cpu ram 2.8 board dfi ultra d
  3. =] sent wed's should see it in the next 2 weeks
  4. got a amd x2 3800 socket 939 for 60 shipped cheaper then egay
  5. i have a Evga 133-K8-NF41 SLI for 70 shipped ebay name is xgreddy
  6. how much shipped to rosemead 91770 for the ram? pmed week or 2 ago
  7. try ebay no one is going to sell it that cheap sorry
  8. evga 7300 gs pcie w/box 60 shipped
  9. got a mobo yet? dfi lanparty nf4 ultra d w/ box an all accessories 90 shipped
  10. pm sent and none of these items has been overcloaked or modded they are all dust free and cleaned 100% working money back guaranteed no doa my paypal name is jdmcivicsi70
  11. what kind of 939 parts are you looking for ? motherboard? cpu?
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