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  1. Although it is true that GTS > GT in performance, the reviews that I read suggested that the 10% better in performance will "only" result in a 5 fps difference in DX 9 games, and very similar performance in DX10 game b4 OC. And the true power of the GTS "might" reveal itself after OC. Note... its 40% more expensive... so its still really hard to decide which one... The website for the review: here so.. is it really not worth it, and should go for the GT instead? I'm really confuse....
  2. Thank you for everyone's input. i'm a newbie in diy...so thank you for you time. Also, i'm reconsidering which one graphic card should I get. GF 8800 GT or GF 8800 GTS (G92) I read alot of the reviews and most say the GTS has a higher performance, but does not match with the price when it compare to the GT. Therefore, the best high-mid range graphic card is still the GF 8800 GT. Do you guys have a different opinion with this? Or is there an even better choice that I dont know?
  3. Does the following computer be able to compatible with GF 8800 GTS 512M (G92)? If yes, how well can it function? If no, what is needed? CPU: E6550 (2.33gx2) 1333FSB Mother board: P5k Pro (P35) Hard drive: Western Digital 250G SATA Ram: Kingston 1G DDR2-667 x 4 Power Supply: Delta server power 550w OS: window vista basic My ideal goal is that this computer can play any game (UT,Starcraft2...etc) at the highest graphic setting with no lag for the next 3 years. Is this possible? and.. minimum goal is I dont have to buy another computer for the next 5 years... Thank you for your time.
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