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  1. Rock on guys..quick update... hunted down a ps2 keyboard, system recognized it, re-installed windows, currenlty installing drivers from link u posted lavell, in the meantime looks like everything is workgin great, ill let u know if any changes. I guess it was those pesky usb drivers. currently my usb keyboard and mouse are working fine, thanks for all the great help guys found one of my new favorite forums. Once everything is stable and operational, itl be time to start overclocking! :spam: Malachi
  2. thx for the quick replys all the process ive been having to use to test out computer is... reset cmos using jumper method... enter into BIOS with usb keyboard (works at that point) change settings to enable usb support for keyboard and mouse change boot sequence to floppy - cdrom - hard drive save and exit. done it about a dozen times in the process of trying other things, and everytime i reset cmos keyboard works. However, the first time it loads after resetting cmos and makign changes to bios, keyboard and mouse stop working, and i cant get back into bios with keyboard...i have to reset cmos again to use keyboard. Ive tried it with not enabling usb support, same thing. ive disbaled and enabled usb 2.0 support, and still same thing. I will try the ps2 to see how it works...question - if i use an adapter to plug my usb keyboard to the ps2 port, will that work the same as an actualy ps2 unit? or do i actually need to use a ps2 keyboard?
  3. mmm...good info that unfortunately, when i set up bios to boot forom CD, i get a message telling me to 'press any key to boot from CD'....of course, this happens after the cmos check hence cant press a key lol thx for the info on the CD boot, ill have to make one and use as backup. oh, btw, more info...i tried usin an adapter to plug my keyboard into the PS port, and still no reponse...same with mouse... are all of the peripherals ran off the same chipset? it was odd, everything waa runnign on first install, until i loaded drivers from CD and rebooted...think the drivers i loaded were network, usb, chipset. what actually loads during that secondary inital boot phase(if you call it that)? i always thought the drivers woudl load when windows loaded, just my own perception of things tho hmm..wonder about setting up a boot disc itself, thatl load like just the dos kernel...and try from there. think that'd work? any rate, thx for the awesome replys, keep em comin! and this is a cool emote :spam:
  4. Thx for the reply Donwloaded all the drivers you mentioned, got bios on floppy, flash bios looks like it went just fine. Unfortunately, i can't install the other drivers. once my computer passes the boot process where it checks the cmos and verifies DMI pool data (lists pci irq's and such) my kayboard no longer works. both keyboard and maouse are USB driven (saitek eclipse keyboard and MS intellimouse explorer 4.0). Oddly enough, i can use the keyboard suring the inital boot process up to that point fine...i can hit delete and enter bios menu and make adjustments, etc. it simply stops recognizing keyboard/omouse the minute i hit that second portion of the boot process. I cant get much farther, my hard drive was in the middle of a re-install of windows and cant continue without keyboard functioning. i do have an extra comp i could use to install windows on the HD, then move it over to new comp, but not sure if that woudl fix anything or not...tried old HD with a currently functioning copy of windows (drivers are for different hardware on the other comp of course) and it boots fine, just cant get to windows, stuck on the login screen cant log in without peripherals. though i have 2 diamond 2600xt vid cards, only have 1 installed to avoid to much clutter and confusion, i had not gotten to installing the vid drivers prior to the crash.
  5. Hello all First time poster, found your forums by accident reading a review of my motherboard. Bought the cfx3200 a while back, hadn't pulled out of box until i purchased the other components for my computer (6 mos. roughly), about 80% of the system is new (hard drive is currently old one). I had a WD caviar sata HD origionally in new config, put old maxtor in due to issues (my horrible failure at troubleshooting ) seasonal tinkerer here, in other words...i like to upgrade my own comp but i really dont tinker much beyond that, bought this mobo so i could delve into that territory:) so seemed the install worked fine, had all the new components in fine, including sata HD, booted fine, installed my windows XP pro fine. seemed everything was working A-OK. stuck in the CD that came with the Mobo, installed the drivers (including the USB, lan, chipset, all the drivers on the CD), with the exception of the graphics drivers (figured id install those from the vid cards disc after i tested the other drivers). Went for a reboot....and now my system wont recognize my US keyboard or mouse. Something seems to have gone wrong with the driver install....when it boots it hits the "windows loaded with an error" screen, but i cannot move the cursor off of the 'load windows normally' selection...keyboard doesnt work. Soo....i reinstalled my old hard drive with a working windows config on it, and windows loads fine, but when i get to the screen where i select user i still cant use keyboard or mouse to select user. I've reset the cmos several times using the jumper method, and after reset i can use the keyboard to enter the BIOS by pressing delete...however, after i save and exit CMOS when it loads normally, no more keyboard or mouse :confused: I am still using the default BIOS that came with the Mobo...i have yet to flash BIOS to see if that might help, but that woudl involve a run down to the computer store to purchase a floppy drive :sad: So i was wondering if there were any ideas on how i could resolve this without flashing bios, or would it be worth it to hit the store for a floppy to try that first? It seems to be a drivers issue, possibly an IRQ conflict? MY usb seems to share irq11 with the lan driver and ide controller, but im not to familiar with how those function so just throwing that info out there...
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