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  1. I tried popping out the battery which worked, CMOS is back to default but there's still the ram problem. I'll try and mess a bit with the settings but I'll probably never make it work :confused:
  2. Oh well, gotta get a new PC it seems then. I got the new RAM for christmas, probably can't get my money back.
  3. Okay thanks, I'll try and clear the CMOS. But they have to place just by the sata ports... HDDs are block the way:rolleyes: Edit: Sooooo I switch the jumper to pin 3 and 2, boot the pc, reboot the pc, shutdown the pc. Then I switch the jumper back to pin 1 and 2, boot the pc and it still just won't start...
  4. Sorry if this is a stupid question but where do I set the memory speed to 333? Edit: after Cas latency (tCL)....................3 RAS to CAS delay (tRCD)..............3 Min RAS active time (tRAS)...........8 Row precharge time (tRP).............3 the PC won't boot. I can't get into BIOS now
  5. Dump:rolleyes: The mainboard does support 4x512mb right? It's actually starting to bug me, that the new PSU didn't help with anything.
  6. Nope it still blacks out that's the problem. I'm also totally unable to play 3D games. It blacks with only a few programs running, Firefox, Winamp and MSN.
  7. Sharp? Anyone? No idea on what I should do now:confused:
  8. Got hold of a Corsair CMPSU-520HXEU, 520Watt with 3x 12v, but when I try to push the DRAM voltage 2,8V the PC won't boot into windows :/ Edit: the screen still blacks out ><
  9. Been running at those temps for quite a long time now and the system runs well so I don't really care. And I can't get hold of that VC-RE cool here in Denmark. Btw I've been looking at this PSU, Corsair VX550W, would that be a good choice ?
  10. Yeah it really is. It's always been, and the mini fan on it just goes xxxxing crazy when it runs at those 7000rpm :S I guess that it's in rather tight spot but I can't do much about atm and I don't have the cash to upgrade my PC with too much hardware (case, PSU, gfx).
  11. Alright I'll be looking into that. Might get hold of a 8800Gt while I'm at it anyways. Had the thought that it would be the PSU but I'm the same hardware-geek as I used to be I'll post the temps in just a minute.
  12. Sorry for the late reply. What app should I use to check the temps.? My PSU is a NorthQ 4001A: # 3.3V: 26A # 5V: 35A # 12V: 15A # Effect for 3.3V and 5V: 240 Watt # Effect for 3.3V, 5V and 12V: 380 Watt # Max effect: 400 Watt No I don't have another gfx to test with
  13. Okay now I've been running with this setup for quite awhile, there' just one problem though and that's that when I have a lot of programs running say firefox, MSN and watching a movie in VLC the screen sometimes goes black if I multitask. It goes black but the audio keeps running and then after 3-5 sec the screen goes back to normal. I've tried to fix this by setting up the voltage to 2,8 but when I do that I can't even boot into windows.
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