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  1. Sorry! I have an AMD X2 4200+ | DFI LanParty UT Ultra-D | Corsair Value Select 2048MB | BFG GeForce 7600GT 256MB PCI-E | SB X-Fi Xtreme Gamer | Seagate Barracuda 200GB S-ATA x2 | Lian Li PC7 - FSP 400w I just got the memorys today I dont want to put to much money in the computer because Im going to build a new one later and have this as an extra. But it wont work with 4 memorys in the computer it wont boot at all the computer goes on and nothing comes up on the screen. Cant se anything my display goes from analog to digital then it goes to power saving mode. And the motherboard shows three leds. But if I take two sticks out it works. I now have them in 2 and 4 if I put 1 and 3 in it wont boot etc etc. I reseted bios when I changed the memory sticks. I hade 1gb of twinmos before and had my computer overclocked so I think the PSU would handle 4 memorysticks. What shall I do to get it work.
  2. I will steal a bit of this thread and ask. I just bought some simple memorys Value select 4x512MB do use DC but the computer wont boot Ive puted them on diffrent places no boot at all. Just boots with two sticks or else the it wont. There are three light constantly glowing when I have 4 in. What is it that wont work? Please help me to understand getting kinda anyoing.
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