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  1. It's the same processer and it is 4 led's. I'll try that with the ram and c-mos..I'll post with results after I get a chance to do it...thanks for the advice
  2. Athlon 64 939 3700+ DFI nForce 4 Ultra-D mobo 80 gig Hitachi Sata 2 HDD EVGA 7800GT OCZ gold 1GB tried with the PSU in my sig All power connectors where hooked up As mentioned before he had everything above hooked up to an Asus A8n SLI Deluxe MOBo until his Antec TP II blew up on him. This fried at least the board and GPU(had to RMA GPU, got new one from Evga) If you push the start button the everything starts up(fans in the case, fans on the board, fan on video card, cpu cooler) it gets no signal to the monitor and all 4 leds are on...
  3. Absolutly nothing.. on the screen at all...
  4. My brother had his power supply blow up him one day and it took out his board along the way. I gave him my DFI nForce 4 Ultra-D mobo that I bought 2 years ago and NEVER used.. Now were stuck at start up with 4 leds. If I read right this means the cpu is not posting, right??.
  5. With my new pc up and running I am very happy with everything I bought and the PSU is just kewl...may not be the most powerful or the most popular but it's all I need
  6. I know it's nothing special to everyone here, but I just bought and installed this card into my pc off a friend for $20 and nice grilled Ny Strip Steak(I prolly could have got away with just making him the steak) . I plan on getting something a little more up to date when the taxman pays me next spring but this seemed like a good solution so I could get my pc up and running. I was just wondering what the limits to overclocking this card are. I d/l ntune but I guess I'm just too freaked out to try it and screw everything up. This is only a temporary card until I can get a new one for Crysis. Until then I'd like to play with this card a little and was just asking for some advice
  7. This why I'm building a new rig. I've had thins thing for 8 years and I've put it through the crapper and back. Well, anyways y'all want to talk about ancient rigs well here's my current machine.... Pentium 3 900mhz 512mb ram Geforce 2 MX REally old Soundblaster sound card 17" crt I got this way back in the day of the first Rainbow Six days and it cost me $1500. Right now the only thing it's good for is hopping on the internet and buying the rest of the parts I need to complete my new rig...I f ya wanna know why it took me so long to finally upgrade...I got a mean, mean wife...well' that and I've spent a lot of money on my golf clubs over the last 7-8 years
  8. I'm putting together a new rig piece by piece a week at a time...I'm getting all the least expensive parts first and was wondering what cooler I should get. My signature shows the MOBO, CPU and ram I already have and the rest is just what I plan to purchase in the coming weeks. My next purchase is probly going to be a hdd or my cpu heatsink/fan. any suggesting will be taken into conscideration because this is my first ground-up build and need all the help I can get. I appreciate your reponses and I have to say this sight has been very helpful and I think I'll tell all my pals about it.
  9. I thought about them and from what I've read they seem to be good, but I want a modular PSU. I want to keep my smilodon case as clean as I can without having to hide the wires I don't used...yeah I know I'm kinda lazy but all well...
  10. I am putting together a budget rig and trying to keep the price @ or below $1300. I already have my CPU MOBO and RAM and I'm pretyty sure on what I want for everything else. Keep in mind I want to include a 20"-22" LCD in the price of my new rig. The only thing I'm really stuck on is what power supply to get. If possible I would like to keep the price under $100. I found this on Newegg and was wondering if it would be a good PSU. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16817812002 Any help and advice would be much appreciated.
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