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  1. thanks for the info. btw how did you load the bios before booting your asus up? I remember when i put in the opteron, it just had a black screen. But when I put in a x2 3600+ it worked fine.
  2. Thats really weird! well too late. i sold the board and got a DFI M2r/g. did the opteron 1212 have any problems running on your DFI m2r/g board before it burnt out? thats the board im getting with my new opteron 1212. Do you have any pointers for that bios setup to get the max overclocking? I have 2x1gb Patriot 5-5-5-14.
  3. hey. Opteron doesnt work with that board. I tired it already with 1210. But the Asus Crosshair works. I hope this helps.
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