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  1. I am operating Ubuntu 12.04 on an Acer Aspire One. I love ubuntu. To me, it is a God send especially out here in West Africa. My dealing with Ubuntu 12.04, it has the ablity to recognize any hardware device that is attached to it. Recently, my parent came for a visit, I took both of their Samsung Android cellphones and plug them into my netbook to retrieve some photos from it. Both of their devices was not dedected by Ubuntu. I ran a vitual michine on my system. Windows 7 could see their devices but did not have the drivers for both of them. I bought a Samsung Duo phone for personal use. I saw some cool apps for my phone on the Samsang website. I plug the Samsang Duo on to my netbook, but Ubuntu failed to see it. It tried Gnome and KDE with no avail. It is not a USB issue because the icon on my phone indict that it is charging. Is Ubuntu having trouble with cellphones dealing with Samsung or with cellphones in general? If this a driver issue, where can I get the drivers for Ubuntu so Ubuntu can recognize the Samsung Duo phone?
  2. So if the primary partition is filled up with data, the extended partition comes in & take any data that the primary partition can not store? So the primary and the extended acts like one big hard drive? So can I have multiple extended partitions on mulitple drives? I just need clearity.
  3. What is the difference between a Primary and Extended Partition? What is the rational of having an Extended Partition? What I am getting at is why just with stick with Primary. If Primary can do the job, why you need Extended?
  4. I have a problem downloading Adobe Flash Player. Everytime I try to download Adobe Flash Player to any PC. Whenever it gets to 40%, the downloader provided by Adobe times out which it results to a failure to download. The error reads, cannot contact reliable source. No matter where I go I get the same thing. Do anyone else get this type of error when downloading Adobe Flash Player? What is the remedy to the problem?
  5. Look like this is all Linux stuff. Can you explain to me how does this tie in with Windows Server 2003? I think that Windows Server 2003 can't communicate with World Wide Web. There is something in Windows Server 2003 that needs to be turned on, is not configured right, or need to be configured. That is my theory.
  6. HP Proliant Server Specs: RAM: 2048 MB Intel 2.00GHz OS: Ubuntu HDD: 500GB I am a Peace Corps volunteer that is station in Ghana. I am working in a college computer lab. I am trying to get there lab up and running. What I have done is installed Ubuntu on a HP server that was donated. I have installed Oracle VM Virtual Box and is using Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition as the virtual machine. I have setup DNS, DHCP, Routing and Remote Access, and IIS. I have setup a LAN. The LAN is working excellent. I have developed a simple HTML script on IIS and have all the computers in the computer lab pulling up my simple HTML script. All the computers in the lab can ping and see each other. The problem is that none of the computers, including my server, can pull up a webpage on the World Wide Web. None of my computers can ping or traceroute any of the servers on the World Wide Web. Now on the DNS side, I can do a nslookup and query my DNS all day long. My DNS can pull many different IP addresses of any Domain that I requested. I used my ISP DNS as the forwarder. When I go to different computers in my computer lab and do a nslookup, there is no problem, they can query the DNS just fine. They can even switch to different DNS servers and query them with no problem. The problem I am having is that I cannot pull up a typical internet webpage on the World Wide Web. I can not ping a typical webpage on the World Wide Web, or I can not do a traceroute to a server on the World Wide Web. There is those out there that would say that I would need a typical router. The school has one, but it is broken. Somebody donated to the school a broken Linksys router. I am trying to get the school network up and running before the kids return back from break which is on the 27th of this month. Can someone please help me? Oh yeah..........I do have two NIC cards. Both are static, one is pointing to the ISP and the other is pointing to the LAN.
  7. VirtualBox 2.2.2 was running fine until, I got the latest upgrades from Ubuntu and now when I try to run Vista via VirtualBox. VirtualBox refuse to run. VirtualBox told me to execute the /etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup. I executed the command, and it failed. I looked inside the VirtualBox log files and found this: Makefile:140: *** Error: unable to find the sources of your current Linux kernel. Specify KERN_DIR=<directory> and run Make again. Stop. What I understand from the error is that Virtual Box could not find the current Linux kernel. That is what I understand. How do I fix this problem?
  8. Sorry for the powerful statement. That's the answer I was looking for (AVG). Anymore suggestion besides AVG?
  9. I thought this is the section that says: OverclockersClub Forums
  10. No, I just need protection 4 my Linux base OS. Thanks
  11. Well.......there are some people in society who likes to look inside other people's PC.......take over other people's PC, put malware, virus, and all that bad stuff. There are some people who would put application inside people's PCs to see what information that person is typing so they can use your information against you. I mean..........you heard of IT security. U see, I don't know about you or all of you, but I like to keep my PC secured. There is protection against MS OS's, ie. Trend Micro, Norton, etc. No matter how good or terrible these softwares are, they are protection for Windows OS's. If they are none, then Windows would not survive as a business. The internet is like a dirty prostitute. You need a condemn to protect yourself, and that what Intrusion Detection Software or Protection Software is, a condemn for the internet.
  12. Hey, The Stink is back. I don't have a pic yet, but it is coming to a theater near you. I have a query about Ubuntu. I have Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Herson. I would like to secure my OS with a good Intrusion Detection Application with a good GUI and alerts you when someone tries to break in and gain access. I did an apt-cache search intrusion and found a lot of choices. I am inquiring for some good thoughts and intelligent suggestions. Thank you.
  13. I am in love with VMware Workstation because it gives me the ability to run an OS without interrupting my present OS. The only problem I have with it is that VMware do not recognize Fedora 7. It recognizes Ubuntu, but no Fedora 7. My Linux class is working with Fedora 7, and I would like to add to my my OS collection so I can be very familiar with the OS. Is there any way I can solve this issue?? Are there any Virtual Machine software out there in the market that is capable in running Fedora 7??
  14. Ubuntu is a very good OS so far. In my opinion, Linux has step up it's game since I first played with Red Hat Linux eight years ago. Since I have Ubuntu now, I have 1 CD burner and 2 DVD burners. I don't have any software to operate my burners. I know there is Nero Linux, but you need a product key to run the software. The product key I have to Nero Linux has expired. My question is: What software that Ubuntu or Linux have (beside Nero Linux) that can run my 3 burners? I would like to store files on my ODDs, but I do not have the resources.
  15. I am running Ubuntu 6.06 LTS - the Dapper Drake - released in June 2006. Is that good enough information?
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