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  1. Everything is fine. Core temp, everest, bios, nTune. They are all within a few degrees of each other. And load is higher than idle like it should be (around 49-51). So I am so happy now. If I could just get thess damn 1gb pc4000 tracers to tighten up I would be happy. Got the 4200 runnin smoothly at a 2805. Makes a very noticible difference than stock. My stupid mb just doesn't seem to like 1gb mem sticks
  2. Problem solved. Installed Win XP Pro. Idles at 32.
  3. i have 2gb like my sig says. it is not an issue of ram. it is an issue of i don't want to reinstall everything.
  4. yeah i just reinstalled ntune and it won't work on my computer. it opens and just flashes and you have to kill it manually. This is the newest version. the old version i had worked. I guess i need an old version or something. i am currently running win2k but have xp ready to install, just waiting for some ram before i install a new os. stupid ntune
  5. 163.69. I have ntune, but it doesn't work. when i open it up it just flashes and i have to kill it with ctrl-alt-del. Haven't got around to uninstalling it yet
  6. yes they have 2 clips up top, but they don't keep the bottom from seperating. most companies have clips that go all the way down
  7. i wasn't even aware of that nor can i even find that option. where is it?
  8. that is exactly what it is is the adhesive tape. that doesn't make it any better. the things are still falling off. I bought this stuff on 9-14. I have used it for all of 3 days. This is so freaking ridiculous I can't even describe how po'd i am. d*mmit i knew I should have just bought the redlines. The problem is the little puny clips they put on the heat spreaders only clip the top, so the bottom gets loose and starts to come off. It is tight up top and at the bottom the tape is completely off of the IC's. Whose brilliant idea was it to use those little tiny clips. And I guarantee it was done for aesthetic reasons. F'IN FORM FOLLOWS F'IN FUNCTION!!!! I don't care how pretty it is with the shiny heat spreaders and flashing lights if I can't use it!!
  9. got my 8800 gts and i am completely blown away. my 3dmark05 socres were in the low 4000's now the are in the mid 11000's stock. i haven't even oc'd this sob yet!! Awesome freakin card!!
  10. well that is funny you say that. i rma'd them. got the replacements today. opened the package and guess what? the heat shields are loose and not touching ANY of the IC's. So now crucial wants me to pay to send them back AGAIN!! So I get to pay shipping on one order THREE times at least. This is ridiculous. I paid almost $300 for some DDR memory a month ago and haven't got to use it. I have a $2500 computer that hasn't been running now for almost a month because of these defective products. I will never EVER buy crucial again. This was my first and LAST purchase from this company. What a joke. I thought this company was supposed to sell quality producs.
  11. I read the sticky on core temp and found this toward the end "But the program may not be 100% accurate with 939 and earlier CPUs" I guess I may be falling in that catagory. There is no way my cpu is running as hot as it says, otherwise i would be able to feel it when i touch the side of the heat spreader. but anyway I will be putting xp on here as soon as my rma'd ram gets back to me and hopefully that solves this nonsense.
  12. i tell you what though, going from a 6600gt to 8800gts increased my 05 score from 4130 to 11047. And that is with everything running stock. i turned off all my overclocking that i had on with the 6600 when i switched cards. this should only get higher. i am really liking this card.
  13. i understand 05 doing it, but you think they would have fixed it for 06. 06 by the way just seems like 05 v.2 anyway. i guess 07 will be different
  14. well my 6600gt came up fine on it so i dont think it is confusing it with the bus
  15. thank you. very odd stuff
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