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  1. well it now runs fine with a new 7600 GT, I will just forget about the Ati for a while
  2. It´s alive and kicking "so I tried the Ati in other PC with a Tacens Aeris 680W, and it works fine"
  3. Hi Yes, 6 pin power connector connected to the X1800 and 4 power connectors to the mainboard. Also tried 2nd PCIex slot with Sli jumpers config, and tried both DVI outputs also. Nothing works. Straaaange
  4. Hi I have an strange problem When I power on the computer, it boots but the screen stays black. The led in the monitor shows it is in stand-by. This happens with a HIS X1800GTO graphic card, but NOT with a crappy PCI S3 Virge or an PCIex Nvidia 6600. With these two it works fine. I thought it was the PSU, so I tried the Ati in other PC with a Tacens Aeris 680W, and it works fine. So I installed the 680W PSU in my PC but it still doesn´t work. I´ve also tried clearing CMOS with the jumper waiting 10 mins, booting with 1 RAM stick on the orange block, booting without HD and DVD, plugging the molex to the mainboard, but nothing works 1st debug led on the left (vga) keeps lighting So, it´s not: -CPU -memory -Graphic card -PSU -HD or DVD it must be the mainboard or some kind of weird mobo-graphic incompatibility **UPDATE 1: -tried updating bios, but winflash says: "onboard bios not award bios". When pc boots I can read Award WorkstationBIOS -more problems: when it boots, the boozer beeps like crazy, keyboard won´t respond so I can´t enter the bios. Windows boots however (with the S3 virge) and the beeps stop. **UPDATE 2: -fixed update1 problems flashing bios thanks to Tmod/Logan's CD v10.0. Switched from problematic 07/06/2005 to 04/06/2006 -still no luck with the Ati Thanks in advance
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