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  1. I'm in Toronto, Ontario.
  2. Hmm, even though I'm seeing this pretty late in the project as I joined about 2 days or so ago; this is very nice, great work you're doing. Can't wait to see the finished result, I love acrylic cases. ^_^
  3. Things coming soon for me are: •E6850 to replace dead E6300 in main rig. •Get Conroe Backup PC. (MSI Neo-F, E6300, 2GB SuperTalent) •Convert Current Backup PC to 24/7 folder.
  4. I saw it, awesome movie. One of the best movies I've seen this year tbh.
  5. Hello and welcome. I joined yesterday.^^
  6. Same thing here, I haven't touched the clocks yet.
  7. Moneyless


    I tried the 360 demo, it was pretty fun, but I kept on dieing heh... stupid controller. >< I'm probably going to try it on PC if a demo comes out or something.
  8. I have no Issues with my 360, and I bought it Feb 2006. The only slight issue I have is that really rarely, like maybe once a month while playing a game it will freeze, but then I just have to reboot it and it's all good.
  9. It wouldn't of been the PSU (unless it was dead...), I ran a 6600 Vanilla AGP in my DELL with a 250W before swapping it's mobo and CPU. And the card said to have a "350W or more". It worked, but I would get artifacts without even overclocking.
  10. I like my 8800GTS too, go figure. I have the 640MB version though.
  11. Thanks alot guys. But yeah every time (or almost) I see a FS thread anywhere they always say... ex: "HEAT is under 'John doe', known on DIY-Street as 'Some Guy', and my something else is 'what ever'." And yes I am interested in Crysis, can't wait to get it looks like it's going to be a very awesome game! Made the sig (image) myself, (and most of people's sigs at BPC..) and I had an avatar to match it, but I saw what's written in the rules about then so that's ok.
  12. Thanks. I will be back tomorrow, err; later today, as I am going to bed since it's 4:15AM here.
  13. Hello, just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Moneyless, some of you might have seen me at Overclock.net (been there before but I dont go much anymore) or BlazingPC.com. I'd heard about this forum and seen it's name everywhere, so I decided that I should sign-up. I'm from Canada and I'm 16... (Ok this intro sucks... I'm not much of an intro guy though.) So yeah... here I am. Quick stuff: • Online Nickname: Moneyless • Name IRL: Max • Location: Toronto, Canada • Age: 16
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