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  1. According to the PCI-E compatibility thread, the newer pcie2.0 nvidia cards don't like being run in x8 mode. So you can only run one, x16, top slot.
  2. I've been setting my sites on a Silencer 610. I assume it'll boot a DFI with no trouble? The earthwatts looks extremely enticing as well - since it boots your mobo, I assume it'll boot mine as well. jG (jonnyGURU) did a fantastic review of it as well, so I'm glowing about it. The GXS700 I got back ... I have mixed feelings. All three units I've had so far have a horrible noise problem, but the latest one I got I listened to it at the warehouse and it didn't have this noise (or the fan didn't spin up enough to make the noise). It seems to exhibit this noise at lower RPM - it's actually QUIETER at higher rpm (imagine that!) The main problem is that it has this REALLY loud resonance inside my case. It's high pitched and it's mixed in with all the sounds of a fan that doesn't tolerate undervolting well. But the thing is, it sounded good at the warehouse. So it's probably something to do with my case. *SIGH.*
  3. It's a good list for sure, just that it's a bit old. Oh well, better safe than sorry, I guess. Thanks : )
  4. I can get an Earthwatts 500W for about $60, which, if I end up selling instead of RMA'ing, is within my budget. Zat good?
  5. The difference between a VX450 and HX520 is about $40 though, so it's not just change. It has 33A on the 12V+ rail and is just 30W short of your recommended 480W. Plus, it's corsair. I don't plan on running SLI/Xfirex anytime soon, so I believe it is good for my small application?
  6. My brother's If Angry_Games is around, or anyone who used to maintain the PSU thread, a corsair VX450 should boot system, right? Or an Earthwatts 500? They're about ~60 at the moment - VERY tempting and one is definitely good enough to power my system (3850 is a very conservative card in terms of power eating).
  7. http://www.diy-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=17916&pp=15 Can this be the problem? E.g., too high 5vsb draw, shuts down PSU. It honestly sounds like it. The little click sounds like some sort of protection circuit cutting in and .. yeah.
  8. So even though the power supply works, it's not working? RMA NUMBER FOUR, I'M COMING FOR YOU.
  9. I HAVE jumped that damn thing, it will power up and spin up two hard drives with the paperclip trick. I talked to a testing engineer at ATi and he says the probability of a 'surge' happening is incredibly small. Whenever I plug the mobo sockets in it makes a very high pitched noise and the clicking noise comes from the PSU. If it's the PSU: I have nothing to say but GOD DAMNIT. At least I didn't fry the mobo though. That's a phew.
  10. Gonna try that. I'm just curiuos as to what problem the symptoms point to. On pressing the switch, the standby LED and DRAM led switch off, then back on. Nothing happens after that.
  11. Aye, just did that. Still giving me that clicking noise. It's starting to get a mocking tone, too.
  12. Okay, I know this might not supposed to be here but I'm pretty desperate for help. I switched out my power supply to a ProXStream 1Kw (OCZ upgraded me for no reason after multiple complaints of fan noise) I mistakingly plugged in the PSU first (the unit was always on because there is no rocker switch on the back) and started to plug in all my mobo connections, etc. Time to turn on, the computer won't turn on. The standby LED's and the DRAM led is on, but when I hit the power button the leds will flash off, then back on and a small, dull 'click' is heard somewhere. Could I have killed my mobo by doing this? I really don't think I did, as I did this by mistake once with a GameXStream (I plugged in the power cord to ground it but the rocker switch was in the on position and all the fans did a small jump when I did so). Really need / appreciate any help. Thanks. Troubleshooting done so far: reconnected everything with PSU OFF, hit button to clear caps, did a 15 min CMOS reset. The only other thing I might know is wrong is that the OCZ psu has two HARDWIRED versions of the CPU connector: an 8 pin and a 4 pin. Could it be that NF4-D is complaining about no CPU power? I have the four pin plugged in but I'm not sure .. grasping at the straws here.
  13. I was wondering, which fan headers offer fan control (e.g. can vary voltage?) I read somewhere only 1-3 did it, and not 4-5. Thanks in advance.
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