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    COD modern warfare

    https://kotaku.com/call-of-duty-mode...ber-1835124492 Trailer looks good.
  2. When I started in computers the Voodoo vga cards where still being made. I think that ATI took them over. I know , who's ATI right ? You could actually daisy chain two of them together via an display cable that had a male on one end and female on the other. The original SLI. BTW. The computer was a Packard Bell
  3. Well Ive been playing the game off and on for a bit.Have gotten used to the cinema shots. Playing on the easiest setting. Tried at a harder setting and kept dying Well anyways the game looks great . I have the FE 2080TI oc'ed and getting frame rates at around 100 fps playing ultra settings. If your looking for a game that looks good with a good story this could be the one.
  4. Thats so strange. I was expecting a delivery Fed Ex with my ram. It didn't arrive. I think you should send it to me. Just say'n.
  5. Ive been playing the new metro . Downloaded this weekend. Theres so much cinema shots that you forget its a game and not a movie. Im not very far into it. But I do get frustrated at all the cinema video. Hope it gets better..
  6. Nice. Liking the color and the non cluttered look.
  7. BTW. the 1080 is sold.
  8. Very cool vid ."https://www.gamersnexus.net/guides/3185-how-to-short-shunts-on-gpu-for-better-overclocks-titan-v" Im not sure that It would be good to do all that and risk killing the card for something for what he described as a short term fix I guess theres a bright side, if you kill your card thats a good excuse to buy a new one. .
  9. Man! This game is beautiful.
  10. I downloaded a win10 iso from microsoft. If i purchase an authentication code will that be good . My son is running win 7 and I want to give him win 10.
  11. Yea. The longer we hold on the less worth the items have. I sold two 970s a far lower price because I held on to long. Wish you the best.
  12. I can tell you ,I had the Asus and its a Awesome mon. The only reason I dont have it anymore is because I wanted the ultra wide style. Kinda had buyers remorse due to going 165hz to 100hz. I would buy it again if I were looking for a 27in mon.
  13. Hey Wev.If you dont have any luck here try ebay. I was selling my msi1080ti here at a great price.got no interest. It sold on ebay the same day I posted it for more then I was asking here. Good luck.
  14. Card sold on ebay for 500.00 same day I listed it . Gotta love ebay.
  15. OK. So my card has arrived. How do I register it ? I dont see a product reg on Nvidia website. BTW, their site SUCKS!!!!!!.
  16. If you dont mind a 10 series card Im selling my 1080ti. I think for less than most if not all of thr 2070 cards.
  17. Out with old And in with the New. I'm selling the MSI card if anyone is interested .It has after market cooling shown in my sig.
  18. Yea. I dont plan on changing. I just worry about the cooling of the FE card after the poor cooling of the 1080TI from Nvidia. The card got very hot. I change it to an AIO water cooler . Made a big difference.
  19. Not sure if its worth the hassle. The nviidia card will be here Tuesday. I just like the cooling of the Zotac card over the nvidia FE card for the price.. Is zotac a good company? Can't you cancel the nvidia order?
  20. Well. Now that I ordered and is shipped from nvidia. Fricking b and h photo has the zotec card for the same price as the fe I got from nvidia. MAN!!!!! IM ANGRY.
  21. Is there two different loggins for nvidia? I have a login for drivers. So when I tried to log in to the account where I just ordered the 2080ti it did not recognize my password.
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