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  1. How many of you has pre-ordered the latest COD ? I have . Really looking forward to seeing how good it looks.

    I don't plan on playing the  on line game, just the FPS portion. I have enjoyed many of the COD games.

    Hope I will be able to add this to the list if enjoyed.



    I will be selling my lighting soon. Have ordered an Orphek Atlantik V4 light.

    My light was built for my other tank which was smaller. The tank now  a 50g Tank : 36X18x16 deep.

    Im still able to have clams and sps corals I just want more power ( par) .

    Here are the spec of the lights

     39 x RB's ,11 x B's ,4 x CW's , 12 x NW's
    6 Turquoise ,8 TV's , 6 DR's total of 86 LED's
    Storm controller W/coralux 6 up Board 2x350ma,2x700ma,and 2x1 amp LDD drivers

    PS : Meanwell NES 350-48 350W

    The HS is from heatsink USA and measures 8.5 x 18

    I have a rough drawing of the par reading I was getting throughout the tank.

    Asking 300 plus shipping.

    Sorry for the way the drivers and controller look. I used a type of Velcro to hold them in place.

    As you can see, It didn't work.









  3. 20 hours ago, Nyt said:

    That's strange. Both the Steam forum and pcgamingwiki show that it should support 3440x1440.

    Try using Geforce Experience to optimize for that game and see if it sets the resolution correctly.

    Else try see if everything is correct in the cfg file
    1. Go to %USERPROFILE%\Saved Games\Arkane Studios\dishonored2\base\
    2. Right click and open dishonored2Config.cfg with a text editor and look for r_fullscreen
    3. If present change value from 2 to 1 otherwise add r_fullscreen "1" manually at the end of the file and save.
    And check if the resolution is correct in the file too.


    Thanks.  I forgot all about optimize. I'll take a look at that in the morning. Hope it works without having to go to the second option.

  4. Just finished Metro Exodus. Awesome game. Looking for another good SPG along the same lines.

    first or third person game like F.E.A.R ,COD, Wolfenstein ,Tomb Raider ect


  5. 11 hours ago, RHKCommander959 said:

    you can add traction to your boots with some snow/ice crampons addons, you'll want something aggressive to bite into the grass so I'd opt for the metal cleats and metal chains versus the little cleats and rubber body ones.


    I didn't look around for long but something like these but theyre under $15 if you shop around https://www.amazon.com/Traction-Crampons-Stainless-Climbing-Mountaineering/dp/B07H4BL4KL/

    Those look pretty good. Thanks.  

  6. just noticed that my signature is missing from my post. Is it just mine or everyone's ?

    I sometimes use it to recall my build. My computer is three yrs old. I dont remember the exact items.

     Im out of town on laptop and dont have access to desktop. So I cant just open it and look.

  7. I do the opposite . I let the mower pull its self up the hill and let gravity bring it down. Its a self propelled mower.

    The problem is there are some areas that I have to go side to side. Thats where I need a better shoe solution .

    My boots have smooth bottoms and slip . Better footing would really be good.

  8. So the wife and I are now mowing morher in laws yard. She has a steep hill. I thinking about either golf or baseball shoes  to help the traction.  My boots bottoms  are to smooth . Any suggestions from someone who mows this type of yard ?

  9. On 5/6/2019 at 2:24 AM, Boinker said:

    Thats reaching back to the past right there. 

    Nice results, not much to miss with GPU overclocking. As long as it does not overtemp, artifact or degrade performance your golden. 

    Side Note:

    I began with a 7950 ages ago. I think I have owned over 10 gpu's sense then. :wow:


    When I started in computers the Voodoo vga cards where still being made. I think that ATI took them over. I know , who's ATI  right ?  You could actually daisy chain two 

    of them together via an display cable that had a male on one end and female on the other. The original SLI. BTW. The computer was a Packard Bell :O

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  10. Well Ive been playing the game off and on for a bit.Have gotten used to the cinema shots. Playing on the easiest setting. Tried at a harder setting and kept dying

    Well anyways the game looks great . I have the FE 2080TI oc'ed and getting frame rates at around 100 fps playing ultra settings. If your looking for a game that looks good with a good story

    this could be the one.

  11. Ive been playing the new metro . Downloaded this weekend. Theres so much cinema shots that you forget its a game and not a movie.

    Im not very far into it. But I do get frustrated at all the cinema video. Hope it gets better..