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  1. 14 hours ago, Braegnok said:

    dling, your OC is fine. It's the game.

    Keep running current Nvidia driver, and save your OC profile in BIOS so you don't need to worry about it.

    And stick with SE4 till the developers get crashing issue figured out, the Rebellion Community says "We are aware of the crashes some people are experiencing in Sniper Elite 3" , and they are still supporting both games.  :cheers:


    Thanks for the reply. Thats good news.

  2. I was able to play SE4 without any problems. Even played over clked using MSI AB.

    Now I'm playing Sniper Elite 3 and the game keeps crashing giving me the blue screen of death.

    I dont understand it. I'm downloading and getting ready to try an older version nvidia driver.

    I'm not willing to set my system OC back to default o be able to play this game. It took to long to get where I'm at and I dont want to jeopardize

    what I have.5.2g 24/7 on an I7 8086K proc


  3. Has any of you played this? Just started it yesterday. Your character movements are a bit clunky 

    but the game is over all pretty fun. I really enjoy the slow motion bullet shots showing the target

    being hit. Got it for 11.99 steam. Good for the money game for those of use who like playing sniper.

    Back when I plated team fortress two I always played the sniper . Lots of fun.

  4. I've been playing the game for a while now, single player only.  My monitor is a Predator ultra wide with G sync @100hz .

    I must say the graphics are very good ,almost movie like. I've enjoyed it so far and would recommend it. I'm able to stay above 100 fps

    and don't have any of the stuttering as mentioned above. My card is a founders  RTX 2080ti and it plays game flawlessly .


  5. I was finally able to convince them that I was the original purchaser of the game and not the hacker.

    I was able to start playing yesterday. Yea Cow, now that activision  is in involved  it takes two accounts .

    I had to build an Activision account also.


  6. So i was wrong. I see that the game shows up in my account but it still says that the order was in someone elses name.

    I have explained that the account was hacked. the ticket area where you get support will not allow me to upload any jpg's at all

    which means I cant show the Proof of purchase. Blizzard coustmer support reply's fast enough they just are not any help.

  7. Well the problem was solved . As I wrote I gave them the purchase info and they added the game to my account.

    The strange thing is that I think that some how my account and my son's got mixed up. I now have the games

    that he had been playing and he is now locked out of his account. Very weird. Thanks for all the input.

  8. Thanks for the update. Followed the advice of the support guy and still get the same error code. Followed the link to billing.

    Its just another contact blizzard support link which is terrible . I posted my purchase order no along with the  purchase date .

    I hope this helps.

  9. So I pre ordered COD MW. Downed it and it says I dont own it . I cant get in touch with them. none of the options

    address the issue of made payment and we dont show that you own the game.HELP!!!! Blizzard seems to suck with customer support.

    I have a copy of my purchase.

  10. How many of you has pre-ordered the latest COD ? I have . Really looking forward to seeing how good it looks.

    I don't plan on playing the  on line game, just the FPS portion. I have enjoyed many of the COD games.

    Hope I will be able to add this to the list if enjoyed.



    I will be selling my lighting soon. Have ordered an Orphek Atlantik V4 light.

    My light was built for my other tank which was smaller. The tank now  a 50g Tank : 36X18x16 deep.

    Im still able to have clams and sps corals I just want more power ( par) .

    Here are the spec of the lights

     39 x RB's ,11 x B's ,4 x CW's , 12 x NW's
    6 Turquoise ,8 TV's , 6 DR's total of 86 LED's
    Storm controller W/coralux 6 up Board 2x350ma,2x700ma,and 2x1 amp LDD drivers

    PS : Meanwell NES 350-48 350W

    The HS is from heatsink USA and measures 8.5 x 18

    I have a rough drawing of the par reading I was getting throughout the tank.

    Asking 300 plus shipping.

    Sorry for the way the drivers and controller look. I used a type of Velcro to hold them in place.

    As you can see, It didn't work.