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  1. Is there any real reason to go SLI with a 1080ti right now. I'm playing doom on highest settings and geting 60fps and above. I just want it. But dont think there's going too be any real benefit in the game.
  2. I would think something like this would be good for the desktop pc also. I agree that there would need the direct connect with the pcie slots for max performance . A vga card house with its own cooling and psu would make the inside of my case a lot cooler and less cluttered.
  3. Ive been thinking that this should have happened years ago. An external box that would allow us to remove the cards from the case along with all their heat. It should have it's own psu the can be upgraded in power. http://www.amd.com/en-us/innovations/software-technologies/technologies-gaming/xconnect \
  4. dling

    OS Question

    Thats interesting. Ive never heard of that. Thanks.
  5. dling

    OS Question

    That's a good idea. Thanks.
  6. A refurbished Laptop. MSI GE72 Apache pro-029. coming today via Fedex.
  7. dling

    OS Question

    Thanks. It says on the disk that its a back up disk. But it does not have anything about Gateway,which is the dead LT. This disk came as a free upgrade from Vista when I purchased the Gateway laptop new.
  8. dling

    OS Question

    Im have a new MSI laptop delivered today. It has Win10 64 Pro. I have a copy on Win7 64 that has no bloat ware on it . The win7 OS ,that was upgraded for free to Win10 was used on the LP that died and is being replaced by the MSI. If the MSI has too much garbage on it can I just format and use the Win7 and expect to still get Win10 upgrade free?
  9. So Im going to try removing the motherboard to gain access to the GPU and try to re-flow the solder a heat gun. Ive watched a lot of u tube vids about it and it looks would be worth trying . If it doesn't to the trash pile it goes.
  10. I have a one of the old Gateway P 7808u FX gaming LP's. I just died . I get all the lights and the CD rom still spins. The power button still turn it off and on. It still charges the battery but theres no video or any other type of activity. No fans , Hdd spin ect. I looked into this on line and all I seem to find is something about wires chafing and shorting out and stopping it from booting up. I don't think that's the problem. Any iders as to why ? power supply maybe? I have ordered a replacement already. Its an MSI GE72 Apache Pro - 029 with 17.3in screen. That should be a nice upgrade from the Gateway. It will allow my wife to play Candy Crush in Hi Def.
  11. I dont keep my battery in my laptop and just use the household power to extend the life of the battery. 99% of my LT use is within easy reach of an ac outlet. If I know that I will be needing the battery I just plug it in until its charged. I also try to discharge it all the way down afterwards.
  12. We have a vacation home in Lake Toxaway NC. Its about a 3.5 hr drive. We will be Friday- Monday and leave back to Ga after the event. I also get to do a lot of mowing and weed trimming while there which make the whole trip just fun filled.
  13. Hey guys. I'm sure most everyone knows about the eclipse by now. My wife and I are planning on be in a place to see it in totality. Do you think that I can use my phone for pics w/o eye protection and would it be recommend to get an additional x plus lens to get better pics ?
  14. when I have time I will do that, thanks.
  15. one last question. would I be better off lowering my CPU speed to get my mem at is proper speed or staying with the faster CPU speed ? currently my mem is set a bit lower.
  16. WOW!!!!! that's awesome. I used to have the exact same case. I remember it being very heavy. Great job.
  17. Yeah. That's pretty much what I did. bclk at 100 and multiplier at 4.5 score at 1.3vdc and alls well.
  18. that seem to be my outcome also with the x99 MB. I'm able to get better stability from the multiplier then the bclk .
  19. It seems that using the blck is not stable. I can to 4.5g either way but computer crashes when I overclock via the blck. I could try increasing core voltage but I'm already at 1.3vdc . I think I will just keep what I have bclk @100 x core @ 45 =4.5
  20. Friggimg phone. I fat finger so much .
  21. No. It's the cell ph. I can't tell if the post goes thru or not. Drinking the beer now.
  22. I have no idea how this happened. Could an administrator please all but one of my post.
  23. Does it make any difference how I get to the speed I want? Either raising the cpu speed or the blck to get there. I seem to remember that it's better to get the overclock by raising the cpu speed over the blck.
  24. Does it make any difference how I get to the speed I want? Either raising the cpu speed or the blck to get there. I seem to remember that it's better to get the overclock by raising the cpu speed over the blck.
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