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  1. Will do. Just drove 1.5 hrs to microcenter to find out there closed for Easter. Bummer. Was going for the Acer X34 mon. 850.00 after tax.
  2. Do any of you own or have any first hand knowledge if this is a good gaming mon ? I looked at plenty of reviews . All seem favorable.
  3. How do you like that monitor ? Ive been looking at it but not sure about the curve at such a close distance.
  4. I found away to go max fan using the asus gpu 2. I will see what happens. Fingers X this is the problem.
  5. I cant seem to get the fan to run at a higher speed due the low temps.I'm trying to get it too 100% and game to see it thats the problem. I'm using MSI AB and Asus GPU tweak 2. Not sure if either will allow the fan to just be set by the run speeds only not using temp to control the speed.
  6. Theres no overclocking,all stock. I would hate to undue all ive done and remove the evga cooler.It's an awesome cooler for this card at reducing the gpu temps. I will look into the cooler screws to see about loosening them. Thanks.
  7. Im wondering if it could be the due to low fan speeds on the stock fan. That fan would have kept the memory cool as well as the gpu. Now the gpu is running at 35-40 deg max temps the fan is not spinning as fast. Maybe the mem is over heating. The card ran at 83-86 deg before the new cooler at stock speeds so the fan would max out. Now its running very slowly..
  8. So I added the evga hydro cooler to my 1080 TI FE card. Temps are so low but after a few minutes of gaming I get artifacting and the computer freezes. Have any of you added the same cooler ? Not sure what could be the problem. Any ideas?
  9. That was it. I forgot about riva tuner. Thanks.
  10. I want to be able to see in game stats of my graphics cards.This is how I have it set in AB. As you can see I have both of the vga cards showing OSD in AB'er but I don't see the reading during game play.
  11. I dont understand why I cant see any of the info I request via afterbuner. I have my gpu temps showing OSD in AB but I dont see then during gaming. Any suggestions?
  12. Seems their still selling them. I see them for over 1k in price. I've been following nowinstock.com. That's where I saw it.Got mine for 822.00 after shipping and tax.
  13. Sorry for so many questions. Has MSI made any changes to correct the high temps with the newer cards ?
  14. So I've read some reviews of the armor card. None are very favorable due to the temps as said in a earlier post. Are there any good after market solutions other than liquid?
  15. Thanks for the reply guys.That sucks about the temp problems the armor suffers. I plan on putting it as the no. 1 card and the FE in the lower slot. As for the FEs going for 900 and above on ebay that's just crazy. Maybe I sell the FE and buy another armor card.
  16. Is there any problems going sli using two different 1080ti cards? I wouldn't ask except I remember having a problem with sli with the evga GTX 970 cards. They had to be the same type for it to work. Hoping not to have the same type of experience again. Ordered from Amazon a msi armor card. My current card is the basic nvidia FE. Really just wanted another FE card just can't seem to find one at a price I'm willing to pay.
  17. dling

    New SSD

    It's an M.2 drive.I don't have any HDD's in my computer. All SSD's Their just getting old. I know that there's a speed that doesn't how mush faster it is I won't see any performance boost because of what I use the computer for. I just don't know what the speed is..The OS drive is an Samsung EVO 840 @ 250 gig.
  18. dling

    New SSD

    I'm looking at getting a new higher capacity drive. Samsung 960 EVO 500 GIG V-Nand is the one I'm thinking about. Super fast compared to my other drives.Would I gain the most benefit from the speed by putting it as my OS drive, or as the drive for all my other stuff like Games ?
  19. Ive been playing this game and really like it, in fact I really like the whole the Wolfenstine series . If you are into single player FPS games this would be a good one for you to try. The graphics are very good and the game is fun. There are a number of in game cinema shots but not enough to be a bother, in fact some are pretty good. Sadly I'm getting close to the end then it will time to go on the search for another single player FPS. Hope you give it a chance if you like this type of game. Thats my 2 cents,now I'm broke.
  20. Get the largest/widest monitor you can afford .
  21. No . It was a scam,but I was able to get the money back through Paypal.
  22. Thanks. That was very informative.
  23. How would I know which SLI bridge size to use? Would any of them meant for just two cards work or are they different depending on the motherboard?
  24. Thanks guys. As for the unicorns, do they come in colors other then white? ????
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