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    Rewriteable dvd disk

    Well I was able to wright to the new disk. So I must have done something to the other one. All though the disk is over 10yrs old, maybe it just lost its ability to be written on. Oh well it's fixed now with a new disk. Thanks for all the input guys.
  2. dling

    Rewriteable dvd disk

    Do re writeable disks have a limit to how many times it came be written on ? I can't add data to mine anymore.
  3. dling

    Rewriteable dvd disk

    Hoping to leave tonight. Have been here since Monday. I'm here due to work. Eglin AFB. Its been great. But Im ready to sleep in my own bed.
  4. dling

    Rewriteable dvd disk

    I use it for keeping my records for truck,lawnmower, aquarium and other things that need updating from time to time. I tried formatting it and it wouldn't do it. I currently working out of state. Fort Walton beach (sweet) Iwill get a new one when I get home . Then I will find out if its the disk or the burner.
  5. dling

    sli or upgrade

    I had a 1080ti sli set up and got rid of one of the cards. After doing a lot of reading about sli it seems to do more harm then good. Very few game can make use of it is what I gathered. So my suggestion would be get one of the other two cards. I think as far as performance both will be about the same from the reviews I've read.
  6. dling

    WTS Rockit 88

    I have a delidding/relidding tool for the LGA 1150/1151 cpu. I used it on my I7 8086k and it worked great.It comes with everything that a new one would. You can have it for 20.00 bucks. Thats half the price of a new one.
  7. dling

    Rewriteable dvd disk

    I must had done that by mistake,hitting the lock and finalize. That sucks. Thanks.
  8. After doing the delidding on my cpu again Saturday morning my at rest temps when from 38 deg C to 31 deg C and went from 60 deg C too aruund 48 to 50 deg C while playing Farcry 4. Thats much more in line with I expected to see.The acetone worked great removing the superglue and helping me get the ihs off the proc and cleaned up. Thanks for you help guys.
  9. Have any of you guys used the cheap delidding tools from ebay? Thaey sure are a lot less expensive. I see theres not a reliddend with them also. How important is that?
  10. So after doing a lot of reading about acetone on pcb's it seems to be safe. I think I will give it a try this weekend. Fingers X. I think the super glue has caused the HS to raise up just a bit causing poor contact. We will see.
  11. Agreed, that may do damage to the pcb.
  12. I only added to the chip. Didn't think about the hs side. Running at 5.2 gig with 1.37vdc on cpu it gets up to 60 deg C whild playing farcry 4. Seems a bit warm. I dont think I can remove the lid now that I used super glue to rebond it.
  13. Not sure. I dont know what the temp were before. Doing some minor stress testing of just the cpu it get up as high as 85 deg C. I wish I had remembered to do before and after testing. The delidding was easy and nothing to be afraid of. If you do it just make sure the relidding tool is on correctly before replacing and gluing the cpu heat sink.
  14. It should have been a lot easier then I made . The hard way seems to be my way.
  15. So here the pics of my deligging from today. It started out so well then Im not sure but I may have screwed it up. I realized that I did not have the relidding cover all the way pushed on. It tool a bit of pressure, more then I expected. But of corse I had already added the glue. So I remover the lid for a second time and then the liquid metal had ran over the side of the cpu. I used tape to clean it up . But the super glue made a bit of a mess and may have caused a bit of a buildup .anyways it all together and running. I got in such to do this that I had for gotten to do some before temp test so Idont what it was reading .I only have after temps.
  16. After following the advice from the others I am able to get the clock speed to hold steady without throtting. Currently at 5.3 gig. Thanks to all of you for the help. Windows 10 kinda sucks. Seems like Microsoft really buries the features that we need/want that make it a computer OS Their pushing the home pc out in favor of tablets and phones. But thats a different topic for a different day. I will post a few pics of the delidding today. Fingers X it goes well.
  17. Seems to be staying at 5.2 after following the video. Thanks. Tomorrow delidding will happen. Is arctic silver still considered one of the best thermal paste's? Not for the cpu, I have the liquid metal for that. But for the cpu heat sink paste.
  18. It is an intel cpu. I hope that you guy are correct. Seems that my last motherboard I was able to keep my i7 5820k running at 4.5gig 24/7 without doing anything in windows. I may be wrong but that how I remember it.
  19. You have been super helpful. Thanks.
  20. I will give that a try when I get home. I was sad. Just watching the clk speed in CPU ID drop from 5.2 too 800 in just a few mins.
  21. dling

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider

    You ordered the new Nvidia 2080 ? Also looking at Metro Exodus. I really liked the other two I played.
  22. Im looking at a new build. Torn between the i7 8700k vs the i7 8086k. The 8086 has faster clock speeds but i dont know how well it will OC. Any thoughts on the better cpu would be great. Thanks.
  23. dling

    New build

    As you can see the rais is there. Itry to set it up and the bios dosen't see it.
  24. dling

    New build

    Thanks. Ive been fighting with this think all day. Cant get it to do raid. I can create a raid volume but the system does not see it. Been reading all day between the manual and on line forums.. Very frustrating.