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  1. running balance, and application preference, in both settings @ 1024 x 768 res . just thought if i can have more with just flashing bios, why not? as i have written, im not sure if i gain anything at all, just felt like tring ,thats all. thanks.
  2. was'ent sure if the ram difference was the problem, the link i posted olny says 9800 pro. and nothing about ram amount. i thought it would something i was willing to try, not sure of any real benefit, already have card o/c to 420/375 seems stable in "call of duty" game so for , looking to upgrade vga as of now.
  3. could someone give me a bit of info. on flashing my bios? i went to this link http://www.3dmaxx.net/articles/xtflash/ and downloaded all of the files. my card is built by ati, with samsung mem. i was able to save my old bios with no problem, but when i tried to flash w/ "ati.9800xt.256.samsung.bin " file i get an error message. my board has 128 meg. of ram, im not sure if thats the problem. also im aware of the consequences that way accrue. thanks.
  4. great info. , thanks for every ones help
  5. i would like some info. on a good vga cooler for a (ati) 9800 pro. im going to try to o/c the gpu, as well as the memory, and i don't went to kill my card.
  6. you two people are fricken so smart, i guess the two monkeys that have answered, have know idea. no answer is better then a stupid one <_< fyi , all transistors are not the same. any real help still needed.
  7. i have an asus g-force 3 video card that has a burnt transistor, Q2 to be exact. is there anyone that has some info. on how i can get a replacement part ? have tried e mailing asus, got no responce. i brought it when it first came out, which means i payed a lot of money for this card. any help would be great. Thanks.
  8. could someone tell how to regain my processor ID, as well as the speed. when i r/click on my computer on the desktop, and go to preformance, i no longer see what type of processor, or the speed. im not sure what i may have done, to remove these postings.
  9. i have a question. how can i get my v/card to stay in the oc settings? every time i change these settings in windows, they return back to there defalt timmings after restarting. is this common, or what? "using omega drivers"
  10. ive been reading some posts here about flashing video card bios, and was wondering how to, or where i can some info. on this? i have never heard of this, i have a radeon 9700 pro. & 9800 pro. in two different systems. if i can make them run better w/o OCing them in the desktop setting that would be great .thanks
  11. MITSUBISHI Diamond Pro 930SB 19", is this a good monitor for gaming? i have a viewsonic 19 e90f now, im looking to up grade on quality.
  12. dling

    Max Payne 2

    thanks, feeling a little brain dead right now.
  13. dling

    Max Payne 2

    im looking for a walk thru for max payne 2 , i not sure there is one. any help on this matter? thanks.
  14. thanks, i have a Question, when you say ratio, do you mean( 1 to 1 ,3 to 3, and so on) im using "6 to 6" ratio. not sure what the difference is.thanks.
  15. i would like to know, which is the better choice, when it comes to OCing? (bios question) increase the external clock, or increase, the multiplier factor? i seem to have ran into a wall with the multiplier factor at 12x 200! cant do it , not sure which is best way to go
  16. man,did you read the question? i have a abit B/M nf7. bios Question. thanks anyway
  17. i have a abit MB nf7, and would like to know if some bios support OCing better then orthers?if so,which one. using 19 now. thanks.
  18. thanks for all your info, have set each as disabled. I'm sorry to be pain in the xss, butt, what the heak is the" CPU disconnect function" I ?have never seen this settings either ,I would kike to know if affects the performance,or, not? what is a good seting?
  19. in the "advance chipset features" area of my MB's bios, are options, I have no idea what thay do, if anyone could explain these, in a simple manner, as well the best performance settings. As i said,"i know nothing" thanks for all help. FSB spread spectrum: disabled, .50%, 1.00% AGP spread spectrum: disabled, .50% CPU therma- throttling: disabled, 87.5%, 75.0%, 62.5%, 50.0%, 37.5%, 25.0%, 12.5%
  20. i'm thinking about a 19 in. LCD monitor, have read from toms hardware guide that none seem to be that good for gaming. I would like to know if any of you have one, and if you agree with toms, if not, what type do you have? Thanks for any info on this matter.
  21. sold i will keep the 2800+,thanks for your the cards & letters
  22. i have 3 compuer systems, two of them belong to my childern, plus mine,they all have amd processors in them xp2000,xp2200 and mine has a xp2800 w/333 fsb which is the better for oc'ing. should i keep my xp2800 or swap out with one of the others?
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