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  1. Ok, Just to end this thread. I changed CpuCooler for an ASUS extreme cooling from a local store and the system is seems very stable cpu temp in 39-46 degrees C range. Bye and thank you.
  2. Ok, Here's the weirdess... I monitored the system temperature when on stress (sandra and vista performance index test). Here's the results from differents monitoring software : NVidia monitor : CPU 72 !! (no load : 51) ITE Smartguard : CPU 45 (no load : 45) Sissoft sandra : CPU 90 !!! (no load : anything) BIOS (after reboot) : 56 (no load : 50) So, it explain the shutdowns ! The temperature goes up and down dramatically (except with Smartguard) when on load and when not. I updated my BIOS to the latest version and same thing. Anybody else got this problem ?
  3. The memtest did not finished... Poweroff before the end of the test. Same thing with only one stick of memory. I really don't know what's the problem... The computer shutdown when it's under stress. Could it be temperature problem ? CPU : 45 C CHIPSET : 39 C
  4. The windows memory diagnostics runs fine with no errors. I downclocked the memory to 333 and I put some very relax memory timing. Now the computer completly powers off when I run sandra "Cache and Memory" benchmark or the vista experience index benchmark. There is no BSOD or dump. What a hell... I suspect these shutdown are the cause of my first broken board. Maybe the PSU shutdown the computer for a specific reason i don't know... I will try a full memtest86 test. Any clue ?
  5. Ok here is some news. I still have some random BSOD (1 per day) with the new board and PSU. Almost related to PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_MEMORY. Maybe my (auto/default) memory timings are to good with my value (cheap) ram ([email protected]). I don't want to overclock, I only want to have a very stable system with a bunch of RAM. (I use to do a lot of software programming with Visual Studio which need a lot of RAM with Vista x64). So I saw a very good memory guide here : http://www.diy-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=11397 . I will try to override default memory timings to have a more stable system. Current timing which causes BSOD are 200mhz, 3-3-3-8, 2T command rate, dual channel. Thank you guys.
  6. I'll receive the replacement board in a couple of days. It was broken probably due to an overcharge or something bad from the psu... I asked for a replacement in case... I tried the ocz, it's very silent. I tell you feedback. Thank you guys.
  7. Yeah... thank you guys... you're strong! My PSU is a JUSTPC 450W and I just read the thread of davidhammock200 and JUUST PC is a psu brand to avoid! Also maybe it's the reason I had so much problems with my this computer. I'm gonna buy a OCZ Stealthxstream 600W.
  8. I removed the battery and put the jumper on clear for 2 days. Restarted it with PSU + GPU + CPU + 1 stick of memory and... nothing. The board is powered but do nothing. Would I RMA or there is something else to try ? There seems to be a lot of this kind of issues in other threads.
  9. Hi, The mobo worked fine for 4 days and now when I try to power it up, I get nothing... no screen, no sound, nothing. The fans are turning... that's all. I flashed it with the latest bios the first day and it worked fine... The CPU is working with another board, PSU and memory too. It's the first time i see that, the board completed stopped working with no reason. Athlon X2 3800 4x1G DDR400 Geforce 7600gs 2 SATA harddrive 450W PSU I swapped back my old A8S and it's all is working. Any idea ?
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