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  1. All, I tried the other mobo and it was in worse shape. When I started it up I got a CMOS corrupt (or something like that) error, a restore of the CMOS, and it would lock up during POST (after memory check). I reset the CMOS and rebooted to get the BIOS setup. Everything went fine until I saved settings and rebooted. The system locked up again. I reset the CMOS and just rebooted and it locked up. That will teach me to buy used crap off of eBay. But I guess thats the only place you can get these mobos these days. Anyway, I put all the stuff back on the original mobo and put everything back the way I found it (ram in orange slots) and the system miraculously re-booted and started Windows XP. So it looks like he ram will work in the orange slots despite what the manual says. Problem solved.
  2. In response to the replies: Thanks! Here is some clarification and my current plan: Manual states that ram should be in slots 1/3 (yellow) if running two sticks of dual sided (which is what I believe this RAM is) in dual channel mode. They were originally in the orange slots but I have switched them back and forth with not difference. The rig in the sig is the one I am working on and I have adjusted the boot order for DVD,HD. My current plan is to swap the mobo for one I got off of eBay. I thought the mobo was bad before finding out it was the PSU. If I get the same symptoms I think I can assume that the mobo is fine. I will post my results. Thanks, RTS
  3. Hi All, I am working on a system for a co-worker of my wife's. He told me that one day it just died and would not power up. I have determined that it was the PSU (Enermax Liberty 500) and have replaced it with a Corsair HX520W (from the reccomended PSU list). My problem is that the machine will POST but it will not boot. If I try to boot from the HD I will get a blank screen and nothing. If I try to boot from the DVD using an XP Professional install CD I get a blank screen with a blinking "_" in the upper left corner and nothing. I have done the following: Hooked up all 4 power connections as mentioned in other posts. Reset BIOS to optimized configuration. Relocated memory to Yellow slots per user manual Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, RTS NF4 SLI-DR Expert BIOS Version 6.00PG OPTERON 165 1.8ghz GSkill 2x1GB DDR PC4000 EVGA 7900GT 256mb 2x82gb random SATA drive 1x Random DVD
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