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  1. So it took awhile but I got the replacement memory, I ended up going through a local distributer as crucial would only give me something like 7 days to return it to them in the US . And where I live the post is pretty slow.
  2. can you elaborate "grounding/power supply" thing what do you mean??
  3. Will let you know how it goes, Just emailed crucial to get the ball rolling Thanks for the help
  4. sorry I should have been more clear, the old girl wont even complete it's POST Tried a 512MB Rambo(i know it's crap but it's cheap) DIMM from our media center, the computer booted and is running stable, but slow with only 512mb which means the rest of the PC is OK Since is my last post i have: tried the modules by them self and together, in every possible configuration; kind of random but tried a new CMOS battery; both failed to solve any thing tried the Ballistix's in 2 other computers (an ASUS NF2 -- the media center, and a DFI SLI-D NF4) which also failed to POST with the memory so I'm starting to think the modules might have gone bad like they have for so many of you! so what do you think send em back or is there something more i can do??
  5. Hey all, Yip I'm new to the forum, but have been a long time reader, and you have all ready helped me with so much; but now I have a big problem; about 4 months ago I brought a pair of ballistix tracers 2x1GB, and yesterday i walked in to my room to use the computer and it had locked up so i reset it to hear and see the DRAM beep error and the 3 of the 4 diagnostic leds on the mother board light up, so i powered down the machine cleared the CMOS, but it has changed nothing !HELP!
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