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  1. Got it powered up! Thank you to syngensmyth for his suggestion of taking it out. The MB was actually missing one standoff and therefor touching exposed metal on the case preventing any power from flowing. Thanks again to DIY-street and everyone that responded. Now for some benchmarks with the Q6600 :drool:
  2. Radodrill - Went through and triple checked each of those just now. Still nothing. Anyone have any suggestions at this point?
  3. Hey guys, I recently got in all my parts from newegg and pcboost and I'm having a huge problem with my system. Here are the parts I'm using first off: Intel Abit IP35-E http://www.uabit.com/index.php?option=com_...age=1&model=386 Intel Q6600 Quad-core 2.40ghz 1066fsb Evga Geforce 8800GTS 640mb 2x 1gb OCZ Gold edition PC 6400 (DDR2-800mhz) PSU - 600w Coolermaster It's all assembled and ready to go... but I hit the power button and nothing. No led's... no fans, nothing. I've tried different power sockets, rewired the case just to double check... nothing. Also in the MB manual the normal IP-35 board has LED indicator lights that show when it is receiving power from a powered on PSU. These lights do not appear to be present on the IP35-E however, or the MB is not getting power and I am utterly failing at seeing them. Any suggestions?! I am dying to check out some 3d marks and bioshock on this monster...
  4. Right now the best performance vs price is the Evga 8800GTS 640mb which is currently running $367 from pricewatch.com. Right now this card is still fast as tits for anything you can throw at it, however with those kind of insane resolutions I would be careful and might save up for the extra speed of a GTX for future gaming such as with Crysis etc. If you dont insist on running games in 12,523x10,015 the 8800GTS 640 is more then adequate.
  5. Thanks alot angry, looks like I definitely will be going with the 320mb GTS. I only play games at 1280x1024 because awhile back I was able to pick up an LCD with a 3.1ms response time for dirt cheap. Thanks a ton to everyone that responded. I'm very glad to see this build evolve from the origional parts I picked out. Lastly, is a 10k rpm raptor worth the extra dough or is a 7,200rpm seagate just as game / general use friendly? I am willing to shell out a little extra to get a real quick HDD. I love quick load times. Current build (Revised): Motherboard: Evga Nvidia 680i Processor: E6750 Dual Core Video Card: eVGA e-Geforce 8800GTS 320mb (Price limit $300) (1280x1024 100% of the time) Ram: 2x 1gb DDR-800 Hard Drives: Awaiting final recommendation for main drive + additional large (300gb+) hd for storage Sound Card: Sound Blaster Audigy
  6. Sorry guys forgot the monitor, currently using a 19" @ 1280 x 1024. Nothin crazy.
  7. Angry - I had just finished reading your OCing guide (which was amazing, thank you) and thats actually why I proposed the switch to an Intel dual core. My primary use for the machine is gaming / photoshop CS2 / music... basic stuff. I would like this rig to last me though the current wave of games being released running things max'd and not stuttering or turning into a slideshow at 3fps like on my rig now POS 3.4ghz P4 w/ HT - 6800GT - 1gb of ram :'( - 23fps on World In Conflict beta @ Medium settings. Worthless. Anyway I would like to be able to sustain a good 50-70FPS on any of the new killer apps comming out such as BioShock / Crysis (the leaf sim) and World in Conflict, etc. The reason for changing the system to intel was so that I could OC to 3ghz like in your thread, and hopefully squeeze every last drop out of the system as I am a poor college student. However, would I be correct in saying that I would be more beneficial to me to buy the 6000+ AMD / Lanparty board and use the extra cash to go with a 640mb GTS?
  8. Awesome, I think I will change this to an intel build. Thanks for the tips so far. With my price range (300ish for cpu/mobo) what would be a solid, reliable board for minor OCing? Currently I'm looking at the e6600, although it appears to be slower then the AMD I was looking at which had 2x @ 3.0ghz, many people have said on the forums that the e6600 is actually much much faster. Especially OC'd. Can someone clarify this for me?
  9. Hey guys, although I'm new to the forum I'm not new at all to building computers. Unfortunately as of late I haven't been able to keep up with technology as much (back to school and work). Anyway I'm putting together a new rig and any input on my setup would be appreciated. Motherboard: DFI Lanparty UT NF590 SLI-M2R (Price limit $150ish) Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ (Price limit $180ish) Video Card: eVGA e-Geforce 8800GTS (Price limit $300) Ram: 2x OCZ Technology OCZ2G8001G (Price limit $120) Hard Drives: Seagate 15,000rpm 73.4Gb + additional large (250gb+) hd for storage Sound Card: Need reccomendations. What do you guys think, I need your input! Are there any downfalls with going AMD over pentium? I had one back in the day but it overheated like a ***. I heard they fixed those problems now so I'm willing to give them another chance. Also, I'm worried about the lack of ram on the 8800GTS. The GTS only has 320mb of ram. However, the GTX has 728 (or close to that) anyway, I would really like a card with 512mb of ram because of crysis/bioshock, but the price difference is outrageous. $270 vs. $500. Is it really worth the extra 250+ for the GTX? *I am interested in minor OCing, as in 200-800mhz or so. Please keep this in mind as it will be an air cooled case and I would like quality but not insanely expensive components. I came to DIY-Street because a friend of mine built a rig with some help from you guys and it absolutely raped everything else. I hope to replicate his build experiance...
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