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  1. I got totally different board, but found out once I want to pass FSB 290, I have to increase voltage in NorthBridge. Did you try that? Sorry if this has already been brought up.
  2. I do not know if other manufacturers give more. All I know is my bios let me set about 5-10 other ones... I don't feel like trying few hundreds of combinations. Well, guess I will have to go with the "if it works, don't dig in it" policy... Let's have another question: what's better, higher frequency or lower timings? I am running the ram at 12-4-4-4 at 950MHz instead of 15-5-5-5 and 1066. It's cause of the multiplier I currently use. This memory is said to be overclockable really well, but I;m not sure.. I didn't manage.
  3. Whhy are you quoting over four months old post? I believe I made one yesterday. Also, you seem to have some problems understanding english language - there's NOTHING inpolite in what you quoted. Back on topic: you don't understand again. A-DATA ONLY gives numbers for basic timings, not the "advanced" ones. Not sure about other boards, but on the one I have I can set loads more. And no, A-DATA has no info on their web about those at all.
  4. I'm back. I got GA P35-DS4 board with these 1066MHz modules. They only list basic timigs for 800/1066MHz. But in the bios, I can set much more. That's quite undocumented. I don't think auto values are any good... Are there any resources I could consult for some particular values?
  5. Yup I do have those timings. I even think those are default values according to SPD. I think I tried as much as 2.3V w/o any results at all.
  6. Well, I don't understand those timings and voltages in SPD table. There's different settings for 2 different 400MHz's and one for 533. Yeah. I run the memory at 430 (times divider). What then? Perhaps I am doing something wrong, but I can't get the damn sticks to work stable on anything over 1066. I simply can't. They are rock stable at 1063 with 2.0V and auto timings. Since the memory is rated 1066+. I thought what the hell, they should give 1100 easily... apparently not. Oh yes, I got GA P35-DS4 board.
  7. These forums are really active. Do we have over 10 members?
  8. Since the name of the thread isn't too specific, I will ask in here: I bought 2x1GB kit of A-DATA 1066. Anyone has any experience with those? Anything but mainly OC. I am slightly confused about the voltage requirements based on FSB. What confuses me is the memory divider and resulting base FSB.
  9. Can't even do stable 8x400. That's with 1.3650V in CPU. Perhaps the F6 bios is not right for me?
  10. I got more problems now. Prime95 is totally unstable. 420FSB crashes the middle test in seconds. 7x420 that is. And I already am putting +0.1V to both NB and the FSB overvoltage. A little bit in CPU. Just what's going on? Also, EIST disappeared from bios after one reset. Did I buy bad MB or the CPU sucks?
  11. Partial answer or tip for others: apparently some major changes were done so that PCI-E frequency must be locked from now on... Still tests to do. Opinions highly appreciated!
  12. Anyone tried the F6 bios yet? It seems to only cause me problems. I simply cannot raise FSB. With F4 I could boot to Windows with all default voltages at 8x400. If I try with this one, everything works with the small detail that monitor stops working. I simply cannot make it to display anything. I have to reset the cmos. Questions: How do the auto voltage settings when FSB is manually set work? I tried it once and it put like 1.440V in the CPU, which seems a bit nonsense to me. Then: is it better to raise FSB overvoltage or the NorthBridge one?
  13. I don't think so: 4. - Signatures: You are not required to have a signature. Thanks for links though.
  14. Ok I am a bit confused about voltage settings. There's FSB overvoltage control and I can also ov. the NorthBridge. What's the deal? Also, slightly different questions: What's very average overclock of E6750? Let's say I wanna try from default 2.66GHz to 3.2GHz - what's the approx voltage to start with? I assume this frequency will need at least something extra. And then, if the FSB goes from 333 to 400, is there any guess if/what overvoltage will be needed? (that's if the above works like I think)
  15. On the other hand, I ran into a dude who has the same 566 modules only that they are 256MB... 3-4-4-8. Says he can get them to run at ~310MHz at CL2.5! 666 at CL3. So I can only guess mine are really screwed. And the 500 ones will naturally clock lower, even though they are different kind.
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