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  1. Thanks For some reason its harder then it should be, I've broken like 4 bits and my "squared up" parts have ended up not square. It was originially not going ot be coated, but I need to weld in and grind down some holes that I made in the wrong spot. Next part up in mounting the MB, and then the optical drives.
  2. Started more work on my custom aluminium case, started with aluminium stock and cut and right now rivited together, but it will be welded and ground perfect and then powder coated gloss black. I'm making it so the hard and optical drives will be seperated by a sheet of aluminium and have its own cooling fan. and the mainboard will be mounted inverted and a fan will be placed on the bottom blowing onto the cpu, heat rises right? so thats why the cpu at the bottom. and the psu will be seperated by an other sheet of aluminium. I am hoping this will create the lest amount of heat soak between devices, and the aluminium will jsut aid in the cooling. Still in the begining steps, but let me know what you think
  3. server logs show several million unique IP's Thats why I know it was organized and someone that knows what they are doing. Server will drop after 8 Server is a dual Opteron with 4 gigs of ram. and not running my yet, havent had time to take most off my old ones. my last ddos attack put my old server down for 11 hours. It was only 40 minutes cause there were 4 of us working on it too, had it been jsut one of us it would have been more like a few hours. But it just pisses me off, we are trying to figure out where the attack came from cause 3 other webmasters were hit last night, and once we figure out where it came from, there is hell to pay. Taking someone of IRC is like shooting fish in a barrel. EDIT: Tracked the F'er Hes a guy I know, I called him and all he did was laugh. I never did like him. Hes running 3 servers (PIII 900's gig ram) out of a local colocation that happens to be run by a good budy of mine. Well besides him losing his colocation his drives are going to be wipped, and his FTP at home will be getting a little surpirse from me befor I stop by his house and break his his fingers off. People SUCK.
  4. Well my server took a HUGE F'in load earlier today, like 8000 requests a second. But I guess I have to make a question, Why do people do this? to try and take down servers for fun? this was my most powerfull server, and it put up a fight, but dang, 8000 requests a second, thats just too much. and caused the server to be down for 40 minutes. I guess I can jsut say i was lucky it wasnt my other server as it probably would have put it down for a couple hours. Stupid punks have nothing better to do.
  5. how dirty is the environment that you need filters? I havent had a problem with dust in my case, I have a can of air from like 2 years ago still.
  6. hmm, with at least 20 gigs I would be interested in one maybe. rack mount and hotswap psu would nice.
  7. does it come with hard drives? is it a rack mount case? 1U, 2U? 4U? Dual cpu is no good for games, they cant see or use ithe second one. for a server it will do fine. but I have a system half of that running as a server with more hten 100 gigs transfer a day.
  8. thats about my rig with less hdds, and mines weights 29.8lbs
  9. dangerousfigure, I agree with you. I have asked why many times on here, and never gotten an answer. I have several high powered machines, but two are servers that see huge traffic, one is for vid and graphic editying/ rendering one is for my programming and general use. one is for taking minDV tape and putting them on hdd, and hte other ones are slow and folding/play around with comps cause I can. Most people with dual processors dont realize there isnt a game out there that takes advantage of it. Adobe program do, but not many people on use there computer for more then web, gaming, and scores. As for the cooling, if your case was made right you could only use exhaust fans, and it would be jsut as good, if not better then with intake fans.
  10. where do you get mini dv decks? Local place, Matrix Video Communication. They look kinda like a walkman, and still only transfer at real time. I am getting them to make me a system to 4 decks at 2x. But I need to make a bit more money to afford that.
  11. Thanks I hated mac, and well I dont like the OS, nor how it does some stuff, like not put something in the trash when I say dang it. But now I dont know how I got anything done without it, and wish I got the 2.2 instead of the 1.8's But the mac is the most powerfull pc in the house. the other two duals are about 9 hours from here in a room kept at 12 C with several forms of UPS power, one being deisel generator.
  12. Ok, fast rundown. Dual opteron FreeBSD 4 gigs ram 10 scsi hdd dual hotswap 600w psu dual Xeon FreeBSD 4 gigs ram 8scsi hdd dual hotswap 600w psu PII 600 mhz FreeBSD 320 mb pc 133 ram 10 gig 7200 rpm 12 gig 7200 rpm Those are Colocation servers, slow being the mail server. MAC G5 Dual 1.8 macOS 512 mb PC3200 2 x raptor 74 gig 2 x 250 gig maxtor sata AMD Xp2500+ barton @ 2.2 WinXP 1 gig pc3200 NFII ultra MB 4x250 gig maxtor sata Those two workstations, use both, or jsut one depending on what I am doing. AMD Xp2500+ barton 512 mb 2700 2x250 gig sata maxtor Used for taking miniDV tapes to hdd, has two decks. Dell P4 2.x laptop WinXP dont know the specs really. use it for doing some work when flying and waiting in the airports and hotel rooms. In dire need of upgrading it. Celeron 2.x FreeBSD 256 pc 2700 2 x 150 gig maxtor sata (raid 1) Used as the firewall/router/file share/mp3 database for the house and friends AMD 900 mhz FreeBSD 128 mb pc133 10 gig WD 7200 rpm 2 mb cache cant get folding to work, but runs the same as my server, used for testing PII 500 Redhat 9.0 64mb pc100 8 gig 5200 rpm seagate Folding and playing with linux I just realized that I make far to many changes to my comps, and constant upgrades. and that for once I am done.... for now. Not two days ago both servers were much different (and not mine). And not all of htem have a case either. my main PC has 2 more hdd's waiting to go in, but need to work on my custom case and cooling first. I dont know what the point of htis post is, maybe to brag, maybe I'm tired? Most are for work, and its kinda sad. Thats why when I read through and read what some of you say you want and why, I question you.
  13. bad english hurts to read. Anyways, a good data recovery guy could get most of it back. depends how bad its scratched and where the data you want back is. there was an electrical fire in our old office and burt a computer real bad, the board off the hdd was burnt off even. took it to a specialist and he got all the data off it. took him a day and 200 bucks, but he got it.
  14. for the cost of the original posters computer the dual 1.8 would be close to the same cost but blow it out of the water.
  15. So a p4 3.2 with 2 gigs of matched ram is slow? news to me. or my XP2500+ with 2 gigs of ram is slow? both with 4 sata raid 0. OR the dual Xeon with a price tage of just over 4000. or the dual Opteron with a price tag or jsut over 4000. 4 gigs ram, 8 15k rpm hard drives, hot swapable psu, rack mount case, I'm sure I'm forgetting things. A G4 rendered faster then both pcs, and hte duals did it much faster then the g4. The g5 sitting beside me, dual 1.8, 1 gig ram, raptor drives.jsut destroys the two desktop sytems of mine. and the xeon and opteron are hardly faster, well about 2x. the mac interface can still lick my nuts, but it is fast for rendering and the like.
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