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  1. Ok - I got the Mass Storage Driver and was able to load the setup files to the HD, however, after the setup and initial reboot - its not able to locate the HD.. .I am thinking its because that driver isnt there anymore.. Any thoughts?
  2. Good call, however in this BIOS there is no option to disable.... Im going nucking futs...
  3. Well, That would detect the HD Im sure, but its still the fact that the Windows setup doesn't see it. You think that formatting and then installing would allow it to see due to a vista partition and file system?
  4. I remember this happening a few yrs ago when I installed Win XP on my desktop with a SATA Drive... I just dont remember how i solved it.
  5. No, I want to just format and get rid of Vista.. Normally it tells you so select the partition/Hd you want to install it on, but I get that it cant locate a HD or partition to format
  6. I am trying to install Win XP on a friends laptop. It currently has Vista on there and running just fine. Whenever i load Win setup program, it is not able to locate the HD, or locate a HD to install win on. I am thinking its because an on-board sata/and or SCSI controller. Any thoughts on how to fix this. I downloaded the driver, but its an exe file, and well Windows setup doesn't run those The computer is a Gateway MT6821 Notebook
  7. So you think its the VC then.. I was as well.. I thought that VC could handle that though
  8. I hope that this doesn't get reposted due to my session logging out - Ok, I hope that I am posting this in the right area. I have been using my TV to watch movies from my computer (via DVI). I ran the TV setup and made sure that it was broadcasting 1080p etc. I am able to run movies just fine, however when I got a urge to play a game hooked up to the TV it was not as good. I wasn't able to run it on the TV full screen, nor was I able to run it in windowed mode. I was choppy, laggy and just horrible to look at. I know that people use 37" TV's as there monitors and it looks just amazing, running smoothly and well how it should. My ? is why or what could I be over looking to run it on mine? The video card should be able to push out to that.. Any thoughts?
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