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  1. Thats what i am actually doing thread closed thanks to those that bought and who asked.
  2. 135.00 shipped on the fx 8150
  3. Sold to- Black64 Item AMD 1100T Positive. Paid right away.
  4. unless you have the wood boxed lanparty 939 nf4 venus box set Or anyother complete dfi sets
  5. I need the cash for a build make a offer on the 8150
  6. Also can supply new egg receipt for 8150. I had purchased two of them and just dont want to deal with new egg return and restocking. So that will come with proc.
  7. http://www.heatware.com/eval.php?id=60568 location WI. BLACK64 thank you and your proc will leave today.
  8. Nib 8150 never used. Side amd foil seal has cracked when i got it but the large seal on tin is intact. Never used. 175 shipped 1100t thuban. Underwater its whole life. Sat at 3.8 its whole life. 100 shipped.
  9. off to egay thanks for looking.
  10. Willing to trade for another gtx 560.
  11. Figured this would be gone is a flash
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