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  1. well, im on another pc now, because after i flashed my bios, it wont boot up... i was positive i had the right bios for my mobo... but now im kinda screwed... onless you know of any way to restore my mobo's bios... currently checking my bank acount to see if i have enough for a new mobo
  2. ive tried it, but it didnt change anything, but ive also read that the optomizer is not for opteron cpus, some have even said that it can't hurt your preformance on an opteron. btw if your mobo is the same as mine, could you tell me where you got your bios?
  3. aparently most people on here with dfi nf4 mobos aren't having incompatability probs with there optys. im running an DFI LanParty NF4 Ultra-D with a opteron 185, and everything works great, exept any games i attempt to run, hl2, bf2142, cs:s... they all crash in the menu screen or loading screen, amd told me it was because its a dfi board, ive also updated the bios and still no luck. any thoughts?
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