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  1. Appreciate the suggestions I'll go with the Tuniq Tower. thx.
  2. Hmm I was wandering if a Artic Cooling Frezzer 64 Pro would cool my Opteron at 3gigs fine? thx
  3. I looked in the Bios but didn't see any option to enable or disable the onboard ethernet controller. Seem I had to install a certain way by clicking start then run then I had to type in something to get it to execute. Also Windows didn't detect the nvidia networking controller either but when I install it did. I think I will go to Marvell site and see if I can find the right "read" me for info hopefully that will work.
  4. ahh that was the first thing I thought and looked but didn't see, hmm I must have not looked carefull enough. I will check now thx
  5. I installed the Marvell yukon ethernet drivers on my board but seems Windows xp is not recognizing the on board adapter in the system properties even when there not installed. So any time that I look in the properties I can't find the controller to manually install to. Any one have any advice its much appreciated.
  6. ahh thx I git it working now appreciate the help.
  7. Ahh thx! Ok I downloaded it in zip file but when I attempt to open I get a warning telling me that it has a parent folder and is unusual and could over right system files? I downloaded from diffrent places and still get the same message. Is this ok or should I avoid?
  8. Hi, I have just made 2 instances of Prime 95 for my cpu for testing. I have to separatly run tests in order to test both cores seperatly. But when I go to the Task Manager only 50% of my cpu is under load and only the first core I run the test on first is getting all the work. The 2nd core gets under load for a second then drops down. Any Idea why that is happening? I made the correct shorcuts and added the right values (-A0) (-A1) and renamed shortcuts to Prime95-1 and Prime95-2. Any other versions of Utilities I shoudl use also? Thx
  9. I manually put in my old bios settings, it worked. So I guess it should be okay?
  10. Nice info Triton I agree Syngensmyth, I see I significant improvment with Opteron dual core at same speed
  11. Sorry for late reply I've been working alot of hours. Seems like I had my Voltage to 1.4 but I was getting high temp it would get to like 58 degrees then fail prime 95 .
  12. I'm using an Aftermarket HeatSink. It a ThermalRight XP-90, I'm not sure if it will work with a cpu with the IHS taken off. I have not gotten 3.0 gigs stable in prime 95 yet, I messed up my Bios in the proccess. I need to get my cpu cooler before i would be able to run 3gigs stable. I think thats whats causing it to get unstable because when I run prime 95 it gets too hot to handle the instructions or proccesses.
  13. It worked!! Yes!! What a relief. I can't thank You enough for doing that. It was worth the hefty shipping to get that stress off my shoulders. IT was an emotional experiance to see my computer post and boot up to bios lol. I got a message saying Its in safe mode and "I need to adjust the cpu and memory. I see why, The cpu is on auto and my memory settings are not the right settings. I have all the settings written down from my other bios. Is it okay if I use those if I manually put them in.I notice like the "row Cycle time" ,"Row refresh" Row to Row", Write recovery" Write to ReadDelay" PLus the basic timings. Like it should be 3,4,3,8. But its like 3 5 7 8 ,, Something like that can't remeber. I just want to be sure its safe to use all the timings my old bios used as it seems it detected the correct timings and worked well with the old bios timing. Thanks
  14. Awsome! If it was not for people like You and Sygensmyth and all the other guys that take there time out to help others with problems. Me and alot of other people would be in a world of greif. Thanks alot for your help :)
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