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  1. I just bought a brand new computer so I need to get rid of all of my old stuff, heres what I have: New DFI NF4 Ultra D Socket 939 Motherboard $120 Nvidia GeForce 7600LE $30 450 Watt PSU $15 Used Thermaltake Polo 735 3 in 1 Heatsink $25 DFI NF4 Ultra D Socket 939 Motherboard $75 Asus A8N-SLI Socket 939 Motherboard $75 Two Sticks of 512mb Kingston HyperX DDR400 (PC3200) RAM $60 Black Aluminum Case with silver front lower bezel tool less drive bay $20. Im not going to lie the case is pretty beat up (scratches, missing block out plates for drive bays) Ive used it for about a good 6-7 years. i have a paypal account (@gmail.com) and ebay account by the same name. PM me if you want to know more. Here are all of the pictures.
  2. i already made a thread over there heres my output: [email protected]:~$ sensors -f k8temp-pci-00c3 Adapter: PCI adapter Core0 Temp: +79°F Core1 Temp: +93°F it8712-isa-0290 Adapter: ISA adapter VCore 1: +1.31 V (min = +0.00 V, max = +4.08 V) VCore 2: +1.18 V (min = +1.28 V, max = +1.68 V) ALARM +3.3V: +3.33 V (min = +2.78 V, max = +3.78 V) +5V: +5.05 V (min = +4.49 V, max = +5.48 V) +12V: +12.03 V (min = +9.98 V, max = +13.95 V) -12V: -15.95 V (min = -22.94 V, max = -17.05 V) ALARM -5V: -2.21 V (min = -9.14 V, max = -7.75 V) ALARM Stdby: +5.08 V (min = +4.49 V, max = +5.48 V) VBat: +3.09 V fan1: 2311 RPM (min = 811 RPM, div = 8) fan2: 937 RPM (min = 811 RPM, div = 8) fan3: 3590 RPM (min = 811 RPM, div = 8) M/B Temp: +84°F (low = +261°F, high = +163°F) sensor = diode CPU Temp: +100°F (low = +261°F, high = +163°F) sensor = thermistor Temp3: +111°F (low = +261°F, high = +163°F) sensor = thermistor i didnt think of it but temp3 is probably the northbridge, i know fan1 is the cpu fan, im guessing fan2 is the psu fan (the sensor/plug on my motherboard that is connected to the pins labeled "fan2" are coming from the psu leads), and im guessing fan 3 is the northbridge fan. i was a little concerned at first since my -5v and -12v readings were way off but on the lm-sensors FAQ i read that this was common, although my vcore2 is .1 below the min it should be ill have to check that out later
  3. yea it seemed all i needed was a reboot, i just cant figure out what some of my sensors are for example i have no idea what "temp 3" is
  4. im trying to get lm-sensors to detect other values other then the cpu, i know theyre there because when i use everest in windows it would give me all sorts of information but lm-sensors only gives me the temps f cores 0 and 1. anyone know how to fix this? :confused:
  5. i think it might be the cpu since ive had the same problem on three of the same DFI boards, i thought i broke the first one and bought another used one and that gave me the same problems, i told the person and offered to send it back they said keep it and gave me a refund. i bought a brand new one and the same thing happened and in the mean time i ended up breaking a pin off. after leaving that one stick of ram out for awhile, i installed linux, then decided to try it with the other stick back in since i only had about 6 megs of free ram. it seems to run fine now in linux but for some reason windows wont install it keeps on complaining about my HDD configuration, which is odd since i only have one HDD
  6. that seemed to fix it, now what does this mean? is my ram bad? now i just hope the other problem is my dvd drive, which i kind of broke in the process of finding out what was wrong. luckily theyre cheap.
  7. havent tried that yet, its weird it doesnt give me any errors when i take out the cpu or all the ram sticks.
  8. i had this problem before but it seemed to fix itself after i monkeyed around with it, before i had no idea what it was, i was assuming it was something with the CPU since thats what the LEDs on my board were saying. so i ordered a POST card reader and about a day after i ordered it the computer seemed to fix itself. so i had no use for the card. my pc started to get all screwey again and would only install xp 64 and nothing else. it wouldnt boot to alot of cd/dvd roms for some reason and i figured hell ill try and lay the computer on its side and thats when it started beeping again. so i busted out the post card reader and it gave me the hex code of 56. i cant seem to find what it actually is. heres the specs of the system: DFI Lan Party Ultra-D with phoenix-award bios AMD Athlon 64 x2 4200 (missing a pin, didnt really seem to effect it before) 2x512mb Kingston HyperX WD 500gb AAKS NEC DVD Burner (might get a new one)
  9. the first ultra-d i had broke because i put too much force on the socket, so that was my fault. i bought a used one off of ebay and that one seemed to give the same problems that the broken one did, feeling kind of pissed off i bought a brand new one and installed it. when i went to install that i found out that my WD5000AAKS randomly died within the 3 weeks that my computer was out of commission (it was a month old which is really weird). so i sent that back to WD and used an old WD i had laying around. 2 days ago i got my replacement drive and i went to install it last night, while taking the old HDD out and putting the new one in i guess i "tapped" the heat sink and now the socket is screwed up on that one also!! it makes a clicking/popping sound when i press the lever down to secure the cpu which is what the first one did. i couldnt believe that such a thing as a small bump to the heatsink would completely screw up the motherboard. before doing anything else i bought a post code reader to see what that has to tell me. /rant
  10. I've had my 500w liberty for about two years and all seems well with it, i just bought a used nf4 ultra-d to replace the one i broke and once i hit the power button everything will turn on for like a second then will turn off, then about 30 seconds later everything will turn back on w/o me hitting the power button! :eek2: after that i turn it on again and it stays on but all four of the debug leds stay on and even if i remove the ram/cpu it doesnt give me any error beeps. this is the same thing that was happening when i was trying to fix my previous motherboard. my father (an electrician) and i tested the PSU, while it was out of the case and only connected to a wall outlet the 24 pin connector would give a reading of 3v on one pin and 7v on another pin. thats all we got out of it. when the 24 pin and 4 pin (+12v) connectors were plugged in, all the +5v molex connectors gave the correct readings but we were unsure of the 2 +12v connectors since the leads from the multimeter wouldnt fit in there and we couldnt check the 24 pin connector. what would be the best way to check to see if it is supplying enough power to the motherboard? (reminder, the system doesnt seem like it passes POST so i cant get into the BIOS)
  11. i got one off of ebay hopefully its good quality
  12. the guy has it listed as an ultra-d but it doesnt look like one to me. the main difference that sticks out is a heatsink on the southbridge instead of a fan.what do you guys think?
  13. I have an ebay and paypal account by the same name as I do here if you want to check me out now onto what i have for sale.. Hard Drives Western Digital 800JB 80GB IDE/ATA Drive 8mb cache $30 Maxtor Diamond Max +9 80GB SATA 1.5gb/sec 8mb cache $30 Maxtor Diamond Max +8 40GB IDE/ATA 8mb cache $20
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