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  1. I'll post some benchies. Hopefully it's not bottlenecked by my CPU.
  2. I ordered an EVGA 9600GT. I'll step up if/when the 9800 series comes out. Hopefully I'll still be able to step up by that time. It sucks I have to wait until Mon-Wed for my card to come .
  3. Well, I was thinking about getting the 8800GT or the 9600GT. The 9600GT is reasonably priced at newegg right now.
  4. I'm still in a jam about which card to buy. My options are 8800GS, 8800GT, 8800GTS 320MB, 9600GT and from ATi, the 3850/70. I still haven't bought a new motherboard, but if I want to go with an SLi setup, I'd have to buy a new mobo that supports SLi and a new processor, but I'll be able to use the 2 cards in my current setup for the mean time. If I go CrossfireX, I would just have to buy a new mobo, but would only be able to use 1 card for the mean time. I'm really doing my research about these cards. I'm curious about the 8800GS because of it's structure, it seems promising. The 8800GTS 320MB is cheap as hell right now and that's a good amount of memory. For the record, I get 30-50 FPS on CoD4 at 1920x1080 on my 8600GTS at max settings, so I wonder what these cards will give me. The 8800GT is the new black, it seems to be the video card standard now, and the 9600GT is out, and it performs better than the 8800GS so they say, but just as good as the 8800GT. The only reason why I'm looking at those specific ATi cards is because they have 320SP's and they're dirt cheap and they seem like they out perform the 8800GT/GS on paper. Which of these cards would give me the best performance in my current rig?
  5. Ooo, I wanna join in the fun . What programs do I gotta use?
  6. Well, I don't know how I'll be able to ship it. There are other cases with dual 260mm fans, lol. I need to get a replacement for the case I have.
  7. Ususally when you flash the BIOS of the card to another cards BIOS, you might unlock SP's and stuff. More potential. It's not only making your card more stable for overclocks, but gives a bit of a performance boost. My original BIOS was a Foxconn 8600GT 256MB which wouldn't take a core speed faster than 545MHz, so I flashed it to an XFX 8600GT XXX and now I have a stable clock at 620MHz with the shader clock at 1450MHz and the memory at 800MHz. Yeah, I get a little artifact here or there, but games to hiccup or crash. Besides, if you know what you're doing when you're going to flash a GPU BIOS, you always know to back up the original. And you always change the voltage on the new BIOS from 1.2V to 1.32V, it doesn't hurt to raise your PCI-E voltage in your BIOS either, just as long as it's not a rediculous ammount .
  8. Hey, cracking CPUs, modding GPU and mobo BIOS's is the new thing now! I do it carelessly because I take extreme precautionary steps .
  9. Sorry for the late reply. The card has to have the same exact physical qualities. Meaning, same memory-bit interface and same ammount of VRAM. I don't know if you can flash DX9 cards to be DX10, I never heard of that yet. Since your card is a 256-bit interface, it will be hard flashing it to an 8600GTS, those only have 128-bit interfaces. If you wait untill October 29th, you can flash your card to an 8800GT (those cards will have 256, 512, or [maybe] 1024MB or VRAM and a 256-bit interface) and you will have 8800GT stuff on a 7950GT.
  10. Would you take a case that has a mesh side window with a 260mm fan on the side? You could see everything from the inside, even with the giagantic fan blowing. It has room for a 120mm in the front and back.
  11. I'll give you the SB Audigy 2 Platinum Pro button interface for the RAM .
  12. I have this same PSU, excellent quality. I recommend it for people who want a good PSU with 2x 6 pin PCI-E connectors. I love the turbo fan button, too . It glows a strong blue color. Bump
  13. If you're going to use spray paint, use Krylon Acrylic or Montana Cans (which are used for tagging for their excellent can pressure and results.)
  14. Here are the BIOS files and utilities. Nvflash, NiBiTor, and whatever else. http://www.mvktech.net/component/option,co...tory/Itemid,26/
  15. Flashing from a Foxconn 8600GT to an XFX 8600GTS XXX was a great idea! The lowest FPS I get in the F.E.A.R. stress test on max is 20, compared to 15 with my old BIOS. Even though ATItool detects a few artifacts, it doesn't bother my games, they don't CTD, and I don't BSOD compared to when I used to overclock the stock BIOS. I'm going to flash to a much faster 8600GTS. My card doesn't even heat up, it's cool to the touch. Now, I just need something to monitor my GPU's temps (not nVtools..). I won't flash to a card with a different arcitechture though. I don't want to kill it, lol. At least I can now sell my card for a good used GTS price .
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